Friday, December 28, 2007

Sem 5 results

Time flies, I have been in here for 5 sems already. I was on stand-by mode at 11.30pm last night. To calm myself down, I read Harry P0tter. When it was 12 midnight, i logged in, it wasn't out. Oh, my clock is faster than the server's clock. At my 12.04am, something happened. The page became blank. I quickly checked a forum and forumners claim they had seen theirs. The rate of my heartbeat increased! My hands turned icy cold and clammy. I turned on my fan and felt too cold. Minutes later, I off it and found myself too hot. Despite I was feeling warm and chilly at the same time, I had clutched my pillow and my palms became clammier than ever. I re-logged in, clicked and refreshed for at least 50 times and managed to view them successfully at 1.15am.

I was v glad that I didn't fail any subj. Integratd e|ectr0nic paper was the one which I had half of the paper blank. Lost many marks, but surprisingly, I cleared it. Good, because I cant imagine myself re-taking such a disgusting subject once more. Then my happiness wore off gradually as I read abt others' fantastic results in forum. They are those who got straight A. Power. My grades really pale in comparison. Haiz.

Its 28th Dec, Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Boring Hols

I am living aimlessly. Countdown to 3 more weeks to a new semester! I am getting more and more hyped up at the thought of the coming sem! Actually I dont have much to write. Nevermind, here are some pics. I havent loaded pics since long ago. Haha!

[Photo removed]
Intended for next sem footwear. Cant bear to wear it this year.

Cheapo specs! I oni wear it at home so far. I remove it if I am outdoor.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Attachment c0mpany's 0ut

Hello blog! Actually it has been out days ago, but i have been too lazy to blog about it. I knew I have a high chance of getting this, which is my 2nd choice. The project doesn't sound like there is alot to be learnt and benefited from it, but still, I manage to convince myself that as long as the supervisor is nice and generous enough to give me a decent grade, the project doesn't matter at all, be it just duplicating CDs. Bah. I saw many of my fellow course mates ended up in better known companies, I suddenly felt so regretted why I hadn't chose them in the 1st place. I could have gotten into them. Then, I saw they are doing software programming jobs which I have a strong dislike for. I know many do not like software programming yet so they still choose such field, isn't that committing suicide? By comforting myself this way, I begin to trust myself that my decision isn't too bad afterall. I need not do programming. Great!

I think the supervisor is a male. Hope he is charming, young and handsome. Haha! No lah, he doesn't need to be handsome la, just be generous to give me A...just joking, a B grade will suffice. But I have got a feeling he is a middle-aged uncle. Doesn't matter too much, as long as he is nice.

The thought of working really scares me. What if I cant adapt to the working world? What if I am too dumb to understand the supervisor's instructions? What if I cant get along with my colleagues? What if I feel so lonely in there, being the only student? What if no one talks to me and my mouth stink from not talking at all? There are 1001 possibilities of having things gone wrong...

But the good thing is that I do not have exams next semester. In replacement, would be those reports to write I guess?