Thursday, January 26, 2006

Professor Circuit Sucks!

One particular NTU professor sucks!
He teaches common engine Lab 1071 (1A) Expt E2, the one on circuits! venue at S2-B4a-01
If u are going for his lab session, don't be late, and help me take down his name and send it to me!

Ar! i am fuming right now! What the ----!

Today i was 20 minutes late for Lab session. Ok, i admit i was wrong to be late. But to defend myself a little, i shall explain why i was late. The buses 199 were all too crowded and they did not stop for me..just zooomed off likedat. Not the SBS's faults totally..mine too, i should have set off earlier wad!

then when i reached the lab, the professor had already started to brief the students. fine. after few minutes, the briefing ended. i understd not his fault cos i late mah. fine. then we were told to start our experiment. i raised my hand to ask the lecturer question. but he said:" i will not help you cos you were late. Ask others." i nodded my head and said fine silently in my heart. fine!

Hello! i know its my fault to be late! But this is a separate issue ok? Even those who were not late needed help in the set-up, its obvious that i needed help badly too! And he said he was not going to help me! Why is he so petty? Why do other professors not have this kind of rules? Why does this particular professor deviate from the norm? Is he at a higher rank than other professors that he can choose to discriminate students? What shit! i think he is just a piece of shit! What attitude! i couln't retort back as he is still the one grading the lab assignment.

And why should other students oblige to help me?

It is the lecturer's job to teach! Not the students'!
He is the one drawing high salary, not the students!
If he is not keen on teaching, he should jolly well get lost from Ntu!

A student is deemed as 'not keen on learning' if he does not ask questions.
A professor is deemed as 'not keen on teaching' if he doesn't teach!
if he doen't want to teach, he should be granted his wish ---> that is to be sacked!

My mum pays $6000 for these ppl to impart me skills..but it seems like she is paying for nothing! $6000 for this professor who said "i will not help you." Bad attitude. I really hope he gets sacked as soon as possible. Curse him. But i have yet to find out his name. wonder if i can complain him to anywhere...cos i dont know where to do so.

Anyway, i still managed to complete my lab assignment cos the girl sitting next to me is kind enough to hlp me. She's nice. And bear in mind that she's not drawing any salary,yet she still helped me. That professor should be utterly ashamed of himself!

(sth to add, the lab assistant sucks too! he kept standing at one corner yakking away with another lab assistant.. but at least he didn't forbid me to ask him qns)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Formula 17

The movie which is banned in Singapore - Formula 17 , is about gays.

Just watched that in my module. It is fine. Not offensive to me. Just that some guys cant stand the 2 main leads kissing passionately and climbing on top of each other. Ha. i heard guys behind me saying things like 'bian tai, yucks, er xin". Lecturer said that this movie is banned because Singapore is a conservative country which cannot accept homosexuality. The ending of the show is that both gays manage to be together and have found their true love-thats each other. Actually the plot is quite simple. there's no climax. It just shows scenes of gays behaviours such as how they meet their boyfriends?? The whole movie consists of all gays. there;s no guys or girls.

Is there really such a place/society such that it is heavily populated with gays? No such place right? If all are gays, then the gay species will die out eventually cos they cant reproduce. Hmm, its like a male director like chu yuen produces films on lesbians whereas a female director does one on gays. wow.

But the 2 main leads are really shuai! they are so so cute lor. wonder do they feel uncomfortable when doing intimate acts like kissing? but this kind of thing is rather act act only.

17 sui de tian kong

btw formula 17 reminds of the teenage textbook?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

HP guy + new HP = Bad HP day

Today i met The HP guy! Oh, i was in the bus 187 1st then he boarded the bus after few stops. i kept looking at him, seeing if he saw me. But he didn't. Fine. So i didn't sayhi, as i also do not know his name! haha.

Bought Motorola RAZR V3 black. hmm. so how much did i pay? i dont know, i feel so confused. At first, the box wrote $348. But the salesman said, i need to pack an extra i bought an extra $98 package which consists of a 2nd battery+ screen protector.the prices are exclusive for 5% GST btw. I traded in my old N2100 for $50. Later, he tested my old hp and asked for my security code. I didn't know. he tried the preset code:12345,also failed. then he said he needed to re-activate the phone since didn't know the code and re-activation requires$20. and i had to pay for it. unless i can rmb the code and tell them within 3 days, i can get back my $20.

So after plus,minus and multiply, it costs $420. if i can figure out the code then it would be $400.
but i doubt so. if he could test the phone if its working, why should he need the code? i think he's cheating my $20. Do you think i can go back tmr and buy my phone back for $30 if i still cant crack the code using trial and error? i hope so! Good luck tmr!

It is still charging now. Must charge up to 10hrs. Its a bad hp day cos i felt cheated for $20. My heart bleeds a little for buying such an exp item. i am being materialistic.

Friday, January 20, 2006

School Not-Alone?

I think school life is fun only when you have a clique of close friends. they are whom you are always together with. You go to the same lectures, tuts, places together, and chat everything under the sun. with such friends, u'll never feel lonely. However,this kinda clique things can work if the ppl are out-going and chatty. If you are as quiet as a mute, u can never form a clique with others.

I realise that ppl of same type will form cliques. Eg: All chio girls will gather together. if an ugly girl tries to join the group, she would probably be out-casted. see, isn't it true that ppl make friends based on appearances?


Sch alone can be fun too btw. Should try to attend sch alone. U'll feel independent. but at least u dont need to waste saliva by talking to ppl. So carefree also. U dont have to go to places which u don't wish to go, but have to because of ur clique.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Intimate confessions of a courtesan

Today we watched the movie! Its a 1970s movie by shaw brothers. Its ok only. i rate it 5/10 maybe because the version we watched is an uncensored one. Heh! Erm, there are quite a few scenes which show naked women. Argh! i feel a bit intimidated by them ('Them' refers to the 2 lumps of meat at the chest.) What i want to say is that i probably enjoy the movie more if it is censored.i dont know why. I especially dislike the scene in which a dirty old man hugged and grabbed 3 women's breasts! yucks! that old man is at advantage lor.

this pretty girl named 'ainu',is kidnapped by a group of baddies. she is sold to a brothel Qi Ji Chun.
Ainu is a stubborn girl who refuses to do what she is told. She does not want to serve the men. Her bad temper catches the attention of Chunyi, the lady boss. she falls for Ainu. What a lesbian! Chunyi is rather bian tai cos she likes to lick ppl's blood, sick.

A guy Yan ShunZi decides to help Ainu. Unfortunately, Chunyi discovered the plan to escape. So, b0th of them fail. Shunzi dies in the hands of Chunyi, who is v formidable in Kungfu.. shunzi's last words to Ainu is that she must not commit suicide and have to revenge for themselves. Thus, Ai nu promises Chunyi to obey what she instructs her to do.

ainu becomes a v popular courtesan. She learns kungfu from chunyi. in the mean while, she also gains trust from chunyi.. and silly chunyi actually believes that ainu falls for her! how naive!
when ainu mastered her skills, she begins to revenge by killing 4 old men who were the 1st few to tarnish her.

despite Ainu's acts, chunyi still protects her. she forbids her fren, Hu bao,from killing her.Hu bao is a man who loves Chunyi,but chunyi just does not reciprocate his love just because she's only interested in women. Chun yi eventually falls out with hubao. and after hubao wounds chunyi, ainu tells her the truth: she has never liked chunyi. Gosh, she is damned upset. In the end, both chunyi and ainu die. (the ending is v dramatic lor, chunyi requests ainu to gve her a last passionate kiss. ainu obediently does that. Chunyi has chew poison in her mouth so when ainu kisses her,she has it too.) so the ending is quite alright as she has her revenges done.

so tired. i have chem and phy tuts tmr and i haven't done them. So sianz!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Computing = Zzzz

Today i was late for computing tut for half an hr! Nvm. Computing is really boring. Learning computer language is not as interesting as learning human language. we cant use that on ourselves,humans, but on life-less things like computers??

Sunday, January 15, 2006

1000 bucks

I received $1000 CDC bursary. The whole cremony took about 2 hours including waiting for Leow to arrive.

I am such a slacker today. Didn't do any tutorials or read any notes. I watched tv whole day..and aft that, used the pc.

Materialism is bad yet i am becoming more materialistic! i want to buy a hp to pamper myself. The current hp which i am using right now is the non-coloured N8250! No one uses that anymore. Not even secondary school students! they carry cool and latest models phones. I am so out-dated aready. You know, sometimes when i feel the vibration of my hp, i don't dare to take it out in the public? haha. i would just wait till when there's lesser crowd around me eg: in a bus..rather than in a sch lecture theatre.

I think Sony ericsson Z520i is nice.I like the design.
2nd choice will be Motorola RAZR V3, but more expensive than Z520i
3rd wil be Motorola's L6, which is v slim, only 10.9mm.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bad sch day

What a day! I had Math tutorial in the morning. The group is quite small. I didn't talk to anyone as i was seated right in front. Thought some latecomers would arrive later and join me in front. But, none. they were all seated at the back! and most of them came as a clique, the rest of us just sat individually and lonely. Quiet is the word to describe the class. Not a single question was raised by any students. Haiz. This kind of environment makes me dread tutorials. fine.

After the Math i walked down the stairs. as i was smsing, i wasn't looking on the ground. Then i fell! i had missed the last footing and i crumbled onto the ground. gosh, produced quite a loud thud sound. the girl who is from my tut group and was about a flight of stairs away from me turned around and stood and watched me! i think she was hesitating if she should help..when i regained my posture, she continued her route. Hmmm, i know its hard to help a stranger, but i think i would try to offer help if i see a helpless girl just like me. Luckily there was no guy around at that time,if not v paiseh. But a guy would probably help.

My ankle hurts terribly now. Ouch. i think i'll need to crawl and limp to sch tmr. V unfortunately, lab starts 830 in the morning, so i guess i have to wake up super early.

My right foot hurts. My neck hurts too. One nice thing that happened today is that i really enjoyed my elective: Understanding Chinese Cinemas. watched One-Armed Swordman. Great!

Oh ya, forgot to mention that Biker talked to me!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Fresh beginning

I've just started a blog, this is it.i had a blog before but did not write much on it as i was too lazy to update one. now, this blog is created on an impulse cos i had juz seen v nice blogs by my friends, but i hope this time i can successfully maintain my blog.

Its the beginning of a new year-2006, new semester.. i must keep a positive mindset that sch is fun and force myself to like sch in order to perform well. Go Go.. next few tutorials will be better ones..good luck!

A new life!