Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Guess What? I am a Girl!

Guess what? I got 9/10 correct for sem|cond test! I really have guessing luck..hope I never run out of this kinda of luck when I need it most during exam..but exam is not a suitable time for me to play tikum tikum.

I realise I can't shake off the "I am a girl" impression that others have on me. I am already 2| yrs old yet why do I still seem like a young and innocent girl to others? I know its is because of my small frame, but my face, doesn't it look like a 2| yrs old's?

People still refer me as 'girl'.

Once a girl, always a girl. Never a woman.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Hectic Life and Many Decisions-making Events

At this point of time, about 1 month before exams, is the most hectic period in a semester. I've Lab report and had finished many tests. Of course, not to mention my elective report. Everytime when I mention Lab, there seems to be endless grudges against Lab..on how hard it is..and how stressed I was when I got lost in the commotion. Lab now, is so different from year 1 's lab, where I think they are not very er-xin. These year 2 labs are so er-xin that I dread the session every thursday.

Comparing University lab and JC labs, JC labs are soooo easy to do...just follow the procedure can liao. But now the lab, we can't even understand the lab manual, so how to procede? Somemore the equipment are so complicated to operate. The equipment are very useful thus have many functions in them. But, this means there are so many buttons that press this press that, is so confusing! I have no idea how my lab partner know how to press them...Prob it comes from his working experience....

I have roughly decided where to go into for my specialisation. I think I want to go to Electronics Option---> Either Microelectronics or just electronics. And I may change my mind to others if my results for this sem's D!gital Electr0nics and Anal0g Electr0nics are bad...and mind you, Microelectronics is a hot choice for foreign scholars and I do not wish to die there (With them around, I'l die cos they too smart). Most locals would choose Infocomm option. But i dont lik signals leh.

My choices (in order of preference):

1. Microelectronics
Pro: Gd prospects and sounds more interesting than the rest
Con: Many scholars are going there which means, I'll sink to the bottom of the cohort :(

2. Electronics or Electronics (IC design)
Pro: Gd prospects
Con: Same as for microelectronics. IC design is very hard I think.

3. Photonics
Pro: Sounds quite interesting too
Con: Should be quite tough

4. Power Enginnering
Pro: It seems easier than Electronics
Con: Boring, not v promising prospects, and need to handle machines.

5. Biomedical electronics
Pro: Interesting, gd prospects as Spore advancing in bio-med areas
Con: Compared to real Biomedical engineers, they have an edge over us. Hard to study.

6. Communications Engineering
Pro: Belongs to infocomm option thus has many locals and more girls, I guess?
Con: No interest in things like Cellular Communication System

7. Digital Media Processing
Pro: Same as Communications Engineering
Con: No interest, study things like Audio Signal Processing, yucks, I hate signals.

8. Intelligent System Engineering
Pro: None, this does not belong to Infocomm option
Con: Guys-dominated specialisation, Robotics & Automation

9. Information & Communications Technology
Pro: None
Con: Many...very erxin area..Web Application Design

10. Computer Engineering
Con: Many..very erxin..Object Oriented Software Engineering Design

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I finally have an... mp3player!

Click here to see specifications of my player.

Well, my bro bought it for me (as bday gift)at IT fair at suntec. $99 for 2GB. And it can be used as a thumbdrive. Was v surprised that he really bougt me one. At that instant, I felt so so so guilty. Though I always pester him to buy me this thing, I wasn't v serious and expected him to buy me other cheaper stuff.

Next time I must buy him present with equivalent value$$, wa, abit heartache. I do feel heartache for the player, although its not my money.

If it were some other people, they probably won't aim for the cheapest player..they want expensive kinds.. I am trying to make myself less guilty.. but why am i still feel guilty??

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Knowledge is Power

I mentioned before that my ya-ya-papaya Maths lecturer sucks to the core. Finally, the second half of Maths is taught by another lecturer. Of course much better than the first one. The ya-ya-papaya said that if we do not understand our maths, is alright, as long as we know how to solve them, is good enough. He said he is there to help us achieve good grade for exam, not to acquire knowledge. If a student wants to acquire knowledge, he should do so during the semester break and meanwhile, he should only focus on getting A. What rubbish! He doesn't know how to teach thats why he said such things.

This second lecturer told us in lecture that he disagrees with that ya-ya-papaya. He says, acquiring knowledge is much more important than getting A. One should understand the maths concepts instead of being exam-oriented. What is the point of getting A yet not understanding concepts, and next time after you graduated and got a work, you can't solve problems for the company you are working for? I totally agree with him. And I always worry about not able to solve problems, if i get to work as an engineer. If I don't understand concepts, then I can't even fit to be an engineer in the first place! This is so worrying! My maths has been very weak.

It seems that this 2nd lecturer has some dislike for him. Quote from him, Knowledge is 学问. It means 又学又问. So interesting, knowledge is acquired through a process of learning and asking. The asking part is something which I am unable to do so, due to my timid-ness. Haiz.

Last semester, I created a slogan to motivate myself. Do you still remember the slogan? I still remember it, "School is Cool" motivates that going to school is cool. Haha, i guess it wasn't very successful. So this semester I shall adopt " Knowledge is Power" as my slogan. Hope it would be a great help to me and help me overcome my fear for Maths!

Knowledge is Power!
学问,学问, 又学又问!