Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Harshy

This man worked for abt 4 yrs, and he is known to be super zai at work, highly efficient that he doesn't stayed back till very late.

He is 39 yrs old and is damn smart, he is not a local but from our neighbouring country. He seems to be very focused when he is at work.

He is fierce, and no one dares to short change him. And because he is capable, he dares to bargain with the boss, like what he wants to do, and what he doesn't want to do. And thus, he doesnt do all the sh!t work. In exchange, he promises gd quality work and some other assurance and worthy contributions which he can make if he is given the task he wants to do.

He is very confident, and he always shares his views on work with ppl. He can easily give analogies to illustrate his point. He is a valuable asset to the coy. But I am scared of him, he always makes me feel small after his 'lecture'. Haha.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The C0ach IV

Haha! Surprisingly, there is a number 4 entry on him, I guess I really 佩服 him too much. I thought no more entry on him, but.. eventually fall to the temptation of writing about him.

He is 神!How does he always know? He knows everything, and is forever so zai in his work. Everything to him is so 'easy'. "This is easy... that is easy...". I would like to see him stumped at his work. Haha. I dunno, maybe I am a 幸灾乐祸 person?

Anyway, the last day - before he left for another country, he actually dressed up. He styled his hair. He had not styled his hair before. He wore a dark blue, striped long sleeved shirt, and white/cream coloured pants. Actually I saw him at the bus stop outside @mK statn, while waiting for the bus to office, but I never approached him to initiate a chat or anyth, cos I am bad at striking conversations.

Then as we were reaching coy, we crossed path. He smiled charmingly at me. I abit shocked. Cos he REALLY smiled charmingly, when he has never done that before. Haha. I felt like laughing, don't know why.

But he's unhygienic, at lunch time. When that happens, I would be disgusted... Haha.

Nvm, I think he's the one! My benefactor. He has helped me more than manager had. So its not the manager.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Ok, I have changed my specs. It costs $150 only and I started wearing it abt 6 days ago. I have already gotten used to this new one. I wanted to send the old one for repair, if it is free of charge, but I don't know why this thing just slipped my mind and I only just realised I have clearly forgotten a day ago. Cos the old one costs me $253, I feel v wasted as I only wore it for a year.

I am getting v lazy. I still have 1 more pants to alter myself, but I just cant get my hands started. Yawn.

My computer kenna virus, and the anti-virus software has been disabled, that's why. Since this computer is still in working condition (except for the hanging), I will not be buying a new one until it is really beyond hope. Ha. other than the hanging at the BIOS start-up, it is working, or rather, I dont see what other harm it is causing.


Work! I went to get a lot from the temple again, to seek an advice from Guan Yin. I am worried abt my life at this coy and b0nd. I am such a worried freak.

Jia you, Jon!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Start of a New Year

It's the second day of 2010, well, to me, there is no woo-ha over a new year. Life still goes on as boring and routine as ever.

My new year resolution:

1) Be pro in my work
2) Be happy, myself & everyone around me
3) Get someone who can appreciate me

I've realised how chicken I am! Don't dare try contacts, scared of discomfort and think of many what-ifs. What if I kenna infection etc. Same for braces, I wonder if I can survive having metal in my mouth and also the suan-ness that comes along with every tightening of it. I cannot bear the thought of removing healthy teeth. I feel so wasted. What about lasik? I think most likely also don't dare.

Chicken.......................................... I'm Jon, a chicken in disguise!