Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Concave Haircut

I had my haircut today, $12 and its finally another hairstyle. It's the concave shaped one. Why I cut this is because, many many many people commented that I always cut the style, never change for the past dunno-how-many-years. Ha ha. Feels refreshed after getting a new style.

The back is short, and full, a contrast from my default severely-layered, which all along I find it nice and easy to wash. The sides are long, this part is the reason holding me back from changing to concave shaped. When the wind (or fan) blows, the sides tickle my face... Its itchy when the hair at the side fall on my face.

Well, this concave has still a bit of layering as my previous cut is very layered. Heh. Overall, I am satisfied with this cut, but I still prefer my usual layered.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I've aged.. alot..

I played badmint0n, after 6 years! I get body ache v easily. My body is not as strong as a normal 20+++ yr-old adult.

And recently, I got back ache, which lasted for abt 4-5 days, and I couldn't even stand straight after I climbed up from a chair.

Yesterday, I used my right arm to push sth. And ended up with a pain in my right front shoulder blade.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Getting Bored at Wrk

I'm starting to get bored at wrk. Sigh, less exciting to me now. Maybe because no new projects. Boring. It has been 7 mths + 26 days.

I've realised, many young girls (when I say young, I am referring to those between 14-23) dress very well, they don pretty dresses, apply make-up, wear nice accessories.. If I were a guy, would I go for them, rather than go for 'my type'? Probably them, the sweet young things. Nowadays youngsters speak better, dare to voice out and dress with confidence, I can't beat them. Ha ha. I am indeed a very lazy person, don't want to dress up...

Ay... I don't know what to write either. Maybe I will introduce another character at my workplace in my next entry. Ha ha...

Friday, April 02, 2010

My Effort in finding The Other

I've come to realise, that I am not really finding one.

About a month or two ago, I sign up a Match-m@king website, which is FOC. And I only re-visited that site for 4 times at most. The last time I visited was last week. It was then, the Person chatted with me through that site's function. I gave the Person my msn, and our chat continued there.

Before I gave the Person my msn, I actually hesitated for quite a long time. Too long. I almost said no to giving the Person my msn. And.. I didn't say my real name. Haha, this goes to show how much (or little) I want to be attached. I don't know whether I want to be at+ached or not.

Anyway, this is impossible also. I find it weird to find one over the internet. The Person is 1 year younger than me.

I seem to be more focused at work, which is a good thing. There's a temp englneer aged 29, left yesterday. Hmm. Actually I get to meet many guys, young and old. There are younger ones from supplier. And the seat I am at, surrounded by relatively young englneers (as compared to my departmt englnrs) from other department. I haven't met anyone who have 'sparked' me.

Of course, I do fantasize, imagine about getting One, who treat me nice nice.... hmm... But I also, haven't 'sparked' anyone yet. I am too plain to spark anyone, my conclusion. I read in forums that many guys express that they like girls with sp3cs as they look smart. Why doesn't such guys get 'sparked' by me?