Friday, May 30, 2008

21st Wk of Work - Spent a Lot

From Mon till Fri, everyday I spent alot. There is a trend, when it comes to the end of an event (in this case, end of attachment), I would splurge more than usual. Same for the end of my past jobs.

This week is torturous. For so many hours a day, I had been at the workshop counting spare parts. And counting. So far, I have counted over 870 types of parts. That is so boring. Now I know the woes of an inventory clerk who keep tracks of goods; very monotonous the way the hours are spent. Sometimes I counted until I felt like I was going to doze, but didn't; nearly dozed. I spoke v little to sup because there is nothing to talk about, after everything is over. The reason why I started to have dislike for him is, he was the one who hired me, but hiring a student in this nth-to-learn company is like bringing agony to the student. The student may feel his 5 mths here so damn wasted, and time crawls very slowly especially when one is bored. I feel like telling him not to hire him anymore students. But that would be rather rude as I have no rights to instruct him what to do. I would feel offended if someone tells me not to hire blah blah, well, its my choice, I shall do whatever pleases me. Ya, that kind of mentality. So I held back from telling him that.

Woohoo! 5 more days to bear.

Friday, May 23, 2008

20th Wk of Work - Pr0f's 2nd Visit

Alright, he was punctual today. I was less nervous than the previous time I met him. He's not bad lah. Though his accent, I have a little trouble sometimes trying to catch what he is saying. Hope to get a good grade from this. He stays in cck too.

I felt so much lighter after everything was over. That put an end to log entries, report, worry for grading etc. Great! I went back to count parts.

Surprisingly, my sup asked for a copy of my report. He actually wants to read! He said he really read my log entries. But those are very boring stuff, 佩服him for wanting to read them. Today he was so busy, yet I requested him to sign the grading form and log entries at the last minute. Sort of caused him much inconvenience, and I feel rather bad about this. Have I mentioned before that he goes to church?

The end is near. The thought of finishing this race cheers me up. But 2 weeks time is not considered short. I have to endure 2 more weeks of counting parts.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Project Woes

Before the start of my project, I am having worries over it. Just a minute ago, I went to the webby to check if anyone else chose Inkjet Pr|nter. To my utmost horror, someone actually chose it...And he actually put it as 1st choice!! If it is a 5th or 10th choice, then ok la, not so bad...but 1st choice? He bound to get it.

I have competition now. Scary. Stressed.

Now, doing |A report. Damn, only half way through. Very soon, I will say good bye to |A and hello to Project. Haha...

I should be meeting |A prof this week, another nerve-wrecking session to talk to prof.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

19th Wk of Work - What to Do?

Very busy these few weeks. It is due to my yet-to-be-done final report. It is so damn hard to write. In addition, I had been busy choosing F.Y.P. Now, it is 0040 hr. Woa, the period is over, I see no name is filled at my '|nkjet Prin+er' project. It shows that the 'another student' is me. And one worrying thing is I scared he might forget that I am doing that project, and open up that project to computer allocation for the remaining students. Hope not.. Haiz.

Work sucks. My report still less than 50% done. Because time is running out, I shall not write much. You notice I didn't blog last week? Next week will be the week to meet |A prof. Scary, communicating with Prof, elite ppl...