Monday, December 28, 2009

In Office, Idling

Now I am so free that I can even type nonsense during office hours. It feels like I am saying my last words, but don’t worry I am not going to commit suicide.

The frustrations indeed drive me crazy sometimes.

Frustrations. During those days, I steered away from what I was supposed to do. It’s because I am not confident of doing it. And why I have zero knowledge is because, I have not been told how to. There is no accusation at anybody, but a truth.

Words. They change. I wonder if it is merely due to absent-mindedness or otherwise. Can you imagine how unsure I am, if instructions were bare minimum, not conveyed clearly, and flipped quite so frequently. Okay okay, so many times said and guaranteed in assurance, ended up as empty promises. How nice it would be if words are blacked-&-whited in tape recorder.

To say I have lotsa free time, or say I have not much time left is more apt? The former, so much free time idling in office trying to find things to do, act busy etc. But too bad I don’t receive many emails. Not very wanted you see? The latter saying, my doomsday is coming real soon, whereby I would be on my own, so little time left for me to learn (irony, am I really learning?) from him.

Friday, December 25, 2009

End of this Awkward Week~ & about my Stingy-ness

This week consists of only 2 working days, Tues & Wed. I was on leave on Mon, Thurs and today is public hol! This week is one of the most fruitless week, basically did nothing significant at all, as c0ach is not around. Those things that he tasked me to do, I didn't, due to the lack of mat'l. Which he had said before he left that he would provide them. But then... always like that lor.

I spent > $120 in a day! Went to look for cheap things to buy. Haha. Is it due to my thriftiness over the past 22 yrs in poverty, that whenever I spend, I feel guilty?

Reminds me of the phone I bought, $98, it was dirt cheap as compared to others, to me, $98 is alot, which can last me for 10 days as pocket money during my student days. Haha. I learnt one thing, never buy expensive phones! Why? New phone models keep coming up like every few wks/mths, and the rate at which phone price depreciates, shows that investing in an exp phone is nt v wise.

See iPh0n3 now! So hot is its popularity that it beats other phones down. But how long would this iPh0n3 last? It has already last quite long. I guess also not v long for more, because now an iPh0n3 is so common that I see everyone whipping out one. I won't ever buy an iPh0n3, because I am not bearing to part with near to $40 of phone bills every mth. Stingy me.

Die, I am stuck at being a cheapo person!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The 2nd Boss (Bobby)

Today I am introducing another character, Bobby. He's a M3ch Enginr. Why I report to him is because, Manager, has no time to handle small fries like us, so put us under Bobby, and Bobby reports to Manager. Btw. Bobby is my fe||0w tra!nee's c0ach. Both of us are under him. I find it weird, that I report to him, cos he doesnt know the things I do. Only my c0ach knows.

Bobby was once in my idol list. Haha. I am easily impressed by the enginrs. When he was explaining things to us, he's not too bad, at least he's patient and slow in explaining, unlike my c0ach, who goes v fast. Haha. Sometimes I really envy my fe||0w tra!nee.

Bobby is about 40 i think. He's never mentioned his exact age. He's a daughter, and goes to the church. Cos his car has those religious stuff. Haha. He's a sm0ker, very heavy one.

Sometimes, Bobby will joke with me. And I always laugh. The secr3tary and him are on very gd terms. So gd to the extent that they give me the impression that they flirt (abit). Haha. She will address him as 'shu@i ge', and when i first heard it, I was giggling cos he is far from 'shu@i'. And the conversation between them is most of the time nt serious one. Haha, quite cheesy.

That's all for Bobby~

Sunday, December 13, 2009


My desk is L-shaped.




Saturday, December 12, 2009

The C0ach III

This is the last entry on him. I am sick of blogging on him. However, it needs some ending on this topic, and to note it down what I really think of him, after my 4 months under him.

This guy is indeed an intriguing character. I wanted to know more about him. And I did. I think I roughly know a part of his '|ife st0ry'. At first, i empathize with the child, and found C0ach cruel. But then, after some pondering, it was probably the win-win situation for all. Then, I began to empathize with C0ach, how would he feel towards her? Indebted to her all his life? Maybe. It must have felt terrible to get the kinship purposely twisted and real identity hidden? Anyway, this sort of things I thought only happen in TV drama.

I googled, and found his photo albums, which contain many pictures of his son, himself and lovely pics of he and his w!fe together, so sweet. W!fe is very pretty. Among pictures of his son, there are a few bday suit pics of the baby. Haha. And then a video of his son chasing the camera, which is soooo cute! Lastly, there were 2 pictures of a young girl. Very very sweet and young. I wonder if it's HER.

Whatever, I won't get to know.

What I know is, he's a very competent worker and many ppl actually have gd comments abt him. Then i think, why should I strike him off from my list of idols? I am very judgmental. And I am still pondering....

Coming up next, will be a brand new character to be mentioned, which I have already in mind who to talk abt. Haha. Stay tuned!

Jia you, Jon!