Thursday, August 31, 2006

How stressed am I?

I am NOT very stressed. Only some parts of me are being stressed out.

  • Only my legs are terribly stressed. The everyday 10 minutes walk from north to south, which can leave me panting and perspiring, gives my legs stress.
  • My eyes. Especially the lids, they often feel strained. Even to the extent that my lower eyelid once swell like hell. Inadequate amount of sleep causes twitching and itchiness in my eyes sometimes. But during lectures, like in Circuit Analysis, my eyes turn extremely obedient to the force of gravity.
  • Stress from doing tutorials. Not only stress, demoralisation comes along sharply at the instant I start attempting my first question.
  • Women stress, the bloated feeling makes me lethargic. And on extremely heavy flow days, the weight of my lower body feels heavier. Haha, because of the fluid saturated on the piece of cotton.
  • Financial stress. "No money no talk" says it all. If I have no money, I cant buy anything. Since I don't have the ability to buy anything, might as well, dont think of buying. And no talk about buying.
  • The sickening TV. It gives me stress when I finish watching my daily serial. The after-effect is tremendously great. Guilty me..
  • So-comfy-bed! There seems to be a magnetic force to lure me to it! I swear they are not magnetic mattresses, but I just dont know why I often find myself lying on it. Well, its a two matresses stacked up together. The lower mattress is hard, the top one is soft. Eg, like a waterbed. Haha, to digress, I want to add that these two mattresses are rejects. They feel as stressed as me.
  • Chasing, waiting, squeezing for/in buses requires a great deal of stamina and patience. You know, whenever I see a bus approaching my bus-stop, I'll run for it. Only to realise it is not the bus number I want to take..then I feel like cursing..Wakao and make me run for nothing~~. Waiting for a bus gets on my nerves when I've waited for 10 minutes plus. Squeezing is quite ok to me, I am small size and like to stand at the door entrance when the bus is totally packed. Its better to stand at the entrance than at the exit door, where people squeezed past you as they exit.
  • Like our dear PM had said, Singapore welcomes foreign talents. I am stressed enough to compete with the foreign talents in my school, let alone to smile at them and embrace them with our open arms. Sorry ar, I too stressed le how to smile??
  • Emotional stress. So often I feel lonely and wish that I have someone who is really close to me and can understand me from inside out. Either a bf... Or a twin sister. Having a twin sis will be fun. I can discuss anything with her and not afraid of her unreliability. She should be v v reliable as we are twins and she is me and I am her. Then we can go to sch together, so got a company wherever I go.
  • Mouth stress..I want braces!! Hmmm, it has become my greatest desire on earth. Braces link to financial stress as I have no money.
  • Do project also v stressed out. You know, especially the group meeting is on a beautiful Sunday morning at 8am? Plus some stress I need to inject myself with before meeting the group members.
So, after stating 12 stresses, are you convinced that I am only A BIT too stressed? Yes, sure right?

Argh! think I am going mad!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

How do you Study?

The prints in blue are not written by Odiejon, i am not such goody student.

"Dear all,

I would like to share with you my experience when I was your age, once upon a time ...

Once upon a time, after JC I went on to study in NUS. I was ambitious and aimed to get 1st class honours! In a way I also wanted to make my parents happy as I was given a car for my own use (my 19th birthday present!!!) though the family was not a rich one. I practiced the following:

1. Lectures:
I read through the lecture notes after every lecture in detail, and wrote a summary (in point form) about the important concepts/formulae in my little books - I had one little book for each subject. Advantages of writing summary: it was easy to refer to when doing tutorials. I could remember better, internalize the concepts, relate the concepts, see things in a better picture, etc - a great help in doing revision.

Of course while reading the notes, there were many times that I could not understand certain things, so I would mark the doubts on the lecture notes and seek the lecturer for clarification. Mind you, I always went to 'disturb' the lecturers, especially those who could not explain well :p. I always tried to clear all doubts before the next lecture.

Where did I sit during lectures? I always took a front seat, so that I got a better view of the transparencies/black board (in those days, students had to copy lecture notes, tough, right?). In particular, I could see and hear the lecturer clearly, watched his expression ..., the IMPACT was stronger than sitting far behind, and it was this impact that gave better concentration and lasting impression, which led to better understanding and memory.

2. Tutorials:
I always tried to do the tutorial questions before going to tutorial. In that way, although there were questions that I could not do (very often), at least I was familiar with the problems and knew what the difficulties were. So during tutorial I would be able to understand the solutions better as well as to appreciate the ways of tackling the problems. After each tutorial, I would tidy up my solutions, put everything in order, in short, complete the tutorial, before keeping it in the subject file. Oh yes, I had a file for each subject. From time to time, I might attend 2 tutorial sessions on the same tutorial. Why? Because I was 100% KS :p, my tutor was not the lecturer and I felt that sometimes the lecturer could explain better and gave a neater solution. But, of course, nowadays the lecturer gives solutions to each tutor, so it is standardized across all groups, and there is no need for you to practise this!

sincerely, Dr Patricia

To be contd.

My experience (part 2)

Exam preparation

When to start preparing for exam? On Day 1! You might recall that I was a typical (?) KS Singaporean, well, from the way that I handled lectures and tutorials, it is obvious that preparation for exam was continuously going on, only perhaps at a less intensive pace.

The most intensive part was carried out during recess. Recess: a time to work hard, not to relax. I would draw up a plan, not only that I list the subjects that I was going to revise, but also how much I was going to complete (e.g. how many chapters/pages/tutorials). Of course the plan had to be a feasible one, no point if it could only be achieved by Superman, right? I would follow the plan strictly, yes, never gave myself the excuse that I could push the incomplete portion to the next day. How many hours a day for revision? Approximately

24-7-3=14 hours (7-hour sleep, 3 hours for meals, bath, etc).

Not too bad, huh? Nowadays, many undergrads get less than 7 hours of sleep. I guess the remarkable point is: I was disciplined enough to carry out all these way ahead of exam. The key is: start to prepare early, the earlier the better.

How about during term time? Was there revision carried out also? Of course, but since there were new lecture notes and tutorials kept coming, the revision was done at a slower pace. I tried not to waste time, for eg, during the few min sitting in the LT waiting for the next lecture to begin, I would read the notes or my summaries.

A month before exam: The finale. Stop watching TV completely !!! Can you imagine that !!! Other than necessary daily routine, all time was devoted to revision. More on this later.

Dr Patricia

To be contd."

Acknowledgement: By
Associate Professor Patricia J. Y. Wong on EdveNTUre.

Not everyone is disciplined enough to study for 14hrs daily during the 1 week recess. It is not v possible for me too. Every recess, I would spend about 2-3 days doing the Lab Report, and 1-2 days for trying out the tutorial questions. Note that I used the word 'trying', trying isn't equivalent to working out. Sometimes even after trying out for days, I still could not manage to get the answer. This is v frustrating and hair-tearing cos sitting at your desk for days yet arrive-at-no-answer is a complete waste of time! If I were to give up halfway, it looks like I had attempted less than half of the tutorial questions and all my time spent on trying seemed wasted. I keep thinking that I may get the answer real soon if I continue to try it out. Instead, more time is wasted lor.

I am not-so-ambitious, I wish to get a 2nd lower or 3rd class honours. judging from my gpa, I know where I stand. There is a possibility that I could end up in no honours (that would be a Pass or.. fail.). I had calculated that 2nd lower is abit beyond my reach unless I can score a few Ace every next semester. Plus the factor that there are too many China, Indian scholars competing here, I am sunk to the bottom of the school. Sometimes I feel like a foreign student here instead, but not one with scholarship..haha.

As for the seating position, I am those kind who sits at the back. The front is usually taken up by scholars and filled up..Uneasy, crowded, I would feel so if I sit at the front. Moreoever, my concentration span would be as short as sitting way behind, so it makes no difference to where I sit. However, I must add that sitting at the front is much cooler than at the back..Cool air sinks, is that why?

The part on how she liked to disturb the lecturers is interesting. Being a slow thinker, my brain usually is not functioning when the lecturer is talking. It is only when I am back in my room aone, going thru my notes, I start to crack my brain alittle. Those words which the lecturers had said earlier then begin to make some sense to me. It is proven that writing your own notes and summaries help..I havent tried this method as I am plain lazy, but i have seen many foreign scholars keeping an exercise bk to record their ownextra notes and summaries. Maybe I should try this this sem. Plan a study time table is what many teachers recommend. L i a u, my sec sch class mentor and this prof wong all did this in their days. Woa, prof wong really reminds me of l i a u. Did l i a u ever said that she was a first class? But I guess she is, she even had Masters, you see?

Frankly speaking, my bro also never plans a timetable, never studies for 14 hrs (maybe 3hrs for him?), never keep exercise bks yet he is doing well. Ok, maybe he hasn't done all these thats why he is doing well only (Not "very well", but i think it is good enough). He still watches TV..i was the one who influenced him. he used to shut his bedroom door last time whenever the TV set was on. Now he never closes door. Haha, the power of TV interference~ great!

My problem is the lack of interest in the subject I am studying, so no matter how much I force myself to study, I still cant absorb the knowledge. Forcing myself to study is still a force, it can never stimulate my interest in studying. I am doing so unreluctantly.

"School is Cool" will this help? Hope so.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Week two of new semester

Well, it shouldn't be called a new semester since its already the second week. Tutorials have started, stress has been injected onto my tiny-weeny brain and dark rings re-surfaced within these few days. I am heavily deprived of sleep. I haven't been sleeping well from Mon to Wed, dunno why, my mind seems to be quite awake at around 1-2am, even though my eyes have those stinging pain feeling. Thus I only managed to get 5-6 hrs of slp everyday. Then last night I was super shiok to have 8 whole hrs of rest, from 1130pm to 0730am. This is a kind of luxury to me as I seldom slp so early.

So what is life all about for the 1st few weeks? Add/drop electives, discuss who-is-in-which-tut group etc. Now, I think I have started to adapt myself to the e e e environment. There are quite a few good things about being in e e e. We have gd lecturers..and e e e is quite an organised sch. Bad thing is, I hate e e lab sessions. I am so bad at the oscilloscope..How do I know how to operate one? So many buttons lor. And also, I hate the location of my LT and tut venues. They are so far away from North spine. Whenever I reach LT27, I would perspire. Whenever I reach home from sch everyday, I feel that my legs are breaking. LT27 is quite stuffy. You wont feel that you are in an air-conditioned LT. Whereas, other LTs like LT25, 26 are cold... I mean, I dont need v cold LT, just maybe ard 22 degrees would be just nice.

LT25, when i attended Apreciation of Chinese Folk Operatic Performance

LT26, when i attended my Fin Acc

This fan would be helpful in LT27. Cute ba?

Now, I am only (Note the word "only") watching two serials oon TV. They are Save the last dance for Me & My lovely Samsoon. Shall skip Lets Shoot though I enjoy watching it.

"School is Cool" is my newly-created slogan to motivate me to study.

School is Cool, good luck!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Eyes on Me

Few days ago, I suddenly had a swollen lower eye lid. So I went to sch clinic...I dislike the doc, like anyhow. It cost me $13 so exp!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy National Day, Singapore!

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Its 7pm, so late now, so I guess, I would consider National day over. So how have I spend my holiday? Woke up at 10am, read the newspaper till 11.15am, watched Power Office Girls Forever till 2.45pm, made and ate sushi till 3.45pm, vacuumed and mopped the whole house till 6pm, washed the kitchen floor till 6.45pm. So I am taking a break by blogging.

Do these pics tempt you? Haha, I know they dont look alright, they are so untidy looking, some are short, some are tall, some are really small! In terms of taste, they dont taste wonderful either. Total is about 40..I ate until abit want to vomit. In the end, with the help of some soy sauce, I managed to conquer them all!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dreading it

Ooh, feel like whining, complaining about sch reopen, which is tmr. Going back to sch is so sianz and I think I have developed a phobia for sch. There will be 4 hours of lectures tmr. Wish myself good luck then.

Yesterday I had tidied up my desk a little. Isn't it neat? Not really as there are too many things on my table.

Hope to wear skirts to sch..but not that long one. I need to force myself to wear them, i just find them inconvenient wearing them as I often need to walk fast/run when I am late for sch.

This pic can tell you the length of the skirts by estimation & proportion of my bed and skirts.

Yum yum!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Do I have any future?

What lies ahead of me seems to be bleak. Today had a welcome orientation talk by our School. Not only is it a waste of time, it gives me fear to be in this stream. Let me tell you, I am forced to study in this stream. i didn't get into the stream of my first choice. Thus ending up in here. However, one thing good is that my mum is happy about it.

I really have fear...of studying these chim stuff. I know I wont be able to do well. I know it now, even before the new term starts. With no interest in EEE, how am I able to cope with those disgusting modules? The boring textbooks turn me off, lectures bore me to sleep and competitive fellow students make me feel inferior. My little brain is too tiny to absorb those knowledge. Although I know, if I work hard enough I should be able to pass my subjects, and have seen many people succeed through hard work, I just cant convince myself to do that. Maybe its lack of determination. Not disciplined enough. Not ambitious enough. So far, I still haven't found out what my goal is in life. Pathetic?

It must be my bo-chup attitude, that let people think that I am the happy-go-lucky type. In actual fact, I am not. I care alot about my studies, but just unable to find something which is powerful enough to motivate me in life. I have been trying, but to no avail. Till now, I am still aimless, looking for something to guide me. How to move ahead? How?

i am quite sick of myself, being weak.

Fighting. (Weakly and sadly)