Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pr0j Dem0nstration Done!

Haha, I am very happy, and I am fighting the urge not to laugh. The whole session was funny, m0derat0r was funny. He didn't appear very friendly when I first met him.

"Can sit or not?"

I think I was too tensed and stressed up. Haha. When I said sth, he said I memorised from script. Which has some truth in it. Haha.

Anyway, my pr0f did help... Haiz, my pr0f is really not bad after all.

I am very happy and relieved today.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Semester 8 - I'm Done with Exams!

Woohoooo! Congrats to myself and a pat on my shoulder, very well done, for finishing the exams! Ha, I'VE JUST FINISHED MY LAST PAPER OF MY UNDERGR@D COURSE, i find it abit amazing and unbelievable. No matter how the results would be, I think I am very satisfied for completing my papers. Well, of course best if I can get good grades.

This semester, the 8th semester, is the shortest exam period I ever had. It stretches from 14th to 23th Apr. For my past semesters, they usually stretched v long. This sem would consider to be a very relaxing sem, if not for dumb Fina| Y. Pr0j. Nevertheless, all things will come to an end, so will the sucking pr0j, and it will be done with by the first week of May. Count it as 2 more presentations to go. Jia You to myself! Last time I used to think ppl who always say "jia you to myself" are dumb, cos just by saying 'jiayou' wont help you to really jiayou in practical. Ha, but its encouraging and motivating to push yourself forward.

Ok, I am supposed to continue do my dumb Fina| Y. Pr0j now... bye and good luck to those who are still having exams.... Hah!!!