Thursday, August 21, 2008

My performance

For Final Y project, I am still at zero. Mr Nice Guy is not coming.

It has been rather disappointing so far this sem. I havent got a partner to do a report together, think I'll end up doing it alone. Hope tutor doesnt penalise me. Another module also has proj. Prof commmm also got proj. Yet to form grp and dislike the ppl.

i skipped 2 tutorials.too busy.

the group which i find it ok initially, nw i feel its nt ok. I voiced out my disagreement, but they still went ahead. Fine then. They win lor.

i feel like jogging. I want to jog but no time. too stressed liao, reali need to un-wind.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lost Momentum in Sch

Really! I couldn't concentrate in lec. My concentration span grew shorter. It was not so short last time. I am getting worse. When ppl asked me questions, I couldn't answer. Even group discussions, I spoke minimal. Well, it depends on the ppl as well. If I feel I belong to the same league as them, I think I can speak a wee bit more lah. As for printer proj, arh, really cant get started. So frustrated. Also, no time to spend on printer.

Weather is so hot. Another thing that is bothering me, is my right eye. It is being overworked and yellowish-green sticky fluid is coming out from my eye. Sometimes my vision turns very poor and makes me cant concentrate. Haiz.

My final year. I dont have any motivation. I am trying to find something to spur me on. No purpose, no direction. Only sadness.

"Smile, adopt a positive attitude, I love myself"

Thursday, August 07, 2008

1st step project...

The first step to project is so 烦人!! It is very sickening of him to say not to ask him anything. Now i think I really hate pr0fs. Especially 1st class hon prof from the better uni in s'pore. Sorry if I am making a generalisation here.

I know the standard of undergr@d in my uni has dropped, judging from my quality. Such low calibre ppl like me also get a place in here, tsk tsk. Think the value of a degree is really quite worthless now, since everyone has one. To fare better than others, you need to have more than a degree.

Super disappointed.