Wednesday, April 30, 2008

17th Wk of Work - Kelefair

I am such a kelefair. This is the wrong place to go for attachment. Really. Nothing interesting to do. What to write in my final report? Haiz.

Value$ doesn't sell cheap watch button batteries. I am referring to those that are 10 for $1 kind.

Bought soya milk from Mr Bean for $0.65 cos I happen to have a coupon that entitles me to half-price purchase. Woohoo, feels shiok to buy cheap things. Same as how I felt when I bought the cheap cakes.

Ran out of things to write.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

16th Wk of Work - I Suck

I really make a poor engineer :(

It is a fact that I have neither good hands-on skills nor good academic grades. If at least I have good in at least one of the two things, I would have higher worth value and be more employable in the future. Sad. I simply suck.

Yet to start my final report.

Sup says I am not digging enough from this 'gold mine'. Other students here do not think this is a gold mine too. Sup says, it is up to individual's perspective and one's willingness to learn. I guess what he says is true, our attitude is not right.

I simply suck. Super sad mood =(

Saturday, April 19, 2008

15th Wk of Work - Extra

I felt super extra. The company doesn't need attachment students to help them. We are excess and w/o us, they survive better. We are like a burden, attached to the our sups' backsides, they can't shake us off yet they still have to live with us bothering them. Neither do we want to be attached to other people's backside, we don't have a choice.

Regarding communications skills which I blogged on last week, it is sad that I do not get to learn a foreign language as elective. Because no language is being offered in specia1 sem. I am quite envious of my sup who can speak Jap and other engineers and even other staff who can speak so many dialects.

Here, the engineers are quite nice people. They don't boss people around and lose temper at inferiors as always depicted in TV show where scenes of managers rejecting proposals done by inferiors and throw the proposals back at inferiors' faces, screams at inferiors to 滚出去 out of the spacious managers' office then after which managers muttered to themselves in frustration "一点小事都做不好!" Very mean the managers are depicted on tv. But surely such mean people exists on this world?

In reality, managers' offices are usually not as big as shown on TV. Land is scarce and expensive in Singapore. Especially in central land like raffles place. They don't need such big space. Just space enough for a desk, chair will do. The office is considered luxurious if a couch and photocopy machine are specially there for just the manager's use. And the office is just a partitioned area. In my company, out of so many positions, only 5 partitioned rooms for managers. The rest are all cubicles, even if you are asst manager. I am contented with a cubicle next time meaning I wont harbour thoughts of being a manager. Lots of responsibilities to shoulder when things start to go wrong. Things can wrong all the time i guess. Sounds very stressed and something I think I won't be able to handle.

Ok, finally I can talk abt technicians here. The technician who appeared most friendly, is so-called our number-1 technician. Most experienced and smart. He 's really smart. But I think he's too egoistic. I abit can't stand him, though so far he has not argued/offended me in any way.
Ok la, he's ok la. Not too bad. Just that I am a hard to get along person and i can't stand egoistic person. Though I am an egoistic person too. Another technician is ok too. He's not egoistic. But overall, i also seldom talk to them. Only talked to them twice, when I was tasked to tell them to use the dat@base. The egoistic and the other un-mentioned technician wanted me to do dat@base that can send automated email to person in charge when the parts are running low. Better if can auto-send an sms to inform them. Wakao. Its really easy to suggest but hard to do. Such thing must do the client/server thingy which I have no idea how to do. Lucky my sup said that is too advanced and said i no need to do. Haha, thus my liking for sup increases by 3 points and liking for that number-1 technician decreases by 5 points le.

There is this other engineer and the other engineer who works in the packaging department. They are quite nice. Seems that engineers here are really not bad. Quite friendly. Erm, the engineer manager also attempted to talk to me. But every time he shared his work experiences with me, I always don't understd what tok he? What he said are too chim. Many terms are unheard of. It felt like one chicken and one duck communicating. Everytime he talked to me, I would feel very small and inferior. Useless, ignorant, shallow, ashamed... and felt that I am incapable of being an engineer. Manager 就是 manager,说的话也那么chim...

Really wish I could be more knowledgeable like him.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I started to feel unwell on Sat around 2pm. Until 7pm, I couldn't take it and took 2 panadols. At 9pm plus, I perspired and so I thought I was well. Then 1pm came, I felt cold and was slightly shivering. Took 1 panadol and managed to slp. Shitted, my stools still considered quite solid.

Woke up on Sunday Morning, still shivering. Shitted, stools still solid. Took 2 panadols. They didn't work at all. My temperature rose to 38.4 degrees highest. Shitted 2nd time, stools half solid half liquid. Then the turning point came. Right after my bath, the temperature began to drop. From 37.5 to 37.1 and then, it didn't stop dropping..and dropped till 36.2! So low! Oh ya, just before bath, shitted again and it was cereal-like, very liquidy.

Today 3am, woke up with an urge to pass motion. Pure liquid and it came out on full blast. Then took temperature, the temp reached lowest at 35.8 degrees.. and my skin felt icy cold. Went back to slp. Woke up at 6.40am for work. Shitted pure liquid again. Decided that I can't go to work. I mean, what if I am on the company bus and the urge comes? "Uncle, can stop the bus?" Can't cos it goes on expressway BKE, can't stop. Plus no toilet on the expressway area..all bushes. I won't dare to shit in the bushes.

I went to a nearby clinic at 10am. I narrated my story from Sat to then blah blah. He took my temp, peered into my throat, heard my heartbeat from the front and back, felt for my jaws, face and neck and my stomach. Erm, I felt ticklish when he pressed my stomach, that I 'jumped'. Haha. After I came home, shitted twice. Pure melted gold. But the quantity is little. My bum hurts from shitting so many times. And I can't swallow panadols cos they are too huge for my little throat. So scared of swallowing big tablets.

Right now, my stomach is growling, not the same growls as hungry growls, but sounds like some liquid churning inside. I know visits to toilets will continue..

Wish I have a quick recovery.

Friday, April 11, 2008

14th Wk of Work - Mundane Job

I've been manipulating data and plotting graph for this week, very mundane. I realise I am very poor at communication. Although I can speak mandarin and English, sometimes don't know why, words just come out incoherently from my mouth. A bit embarrassed that despite my age, I still can't speak properly. Plus, an engineer whom I always thought he was a Cantonese, actually spoke Hokkien during a phone call. Wow, I tell you, I am very impressed leh. Canto and Hokk are two very different dialect languages. Well, these people who can really speak dialects are pro in their communication. Communication is really very hard to hone. I know I can't speak eloquently thus I will avoid being in a line which requires lots of liaising with clients. From what I eavesdropped on conversations in phone calls, people usually speak Mandarin, English, Dialects(most common are hokk and canto but seldom teochew). Actually dialects are very powerful in liaising, it sounds friendly and not too formal, yet not very stern & serious.

I am dozing now, gtg now. Quite sudden ending..

Friday, April 04, 2008

13th Wk of Work - New Seat

I've officially shifted to the small office. Total, including me, there are only 6 ppl occupying that small office, but most of the time, they are not there and are usually outside. That leaves me alone in the office, which I don't mind. It feels abit awkward when if there is another person and I in the small confined space. Previously, in the big office, it has some people, won't get to be alone. The minus thing is that I do not have a cubicle. They can clearly see what I am doing on my computer.

Today, the security guard commented I should eat more, if not I always remain as a girl, can't blossom into a woman. Fine! Ok, I am very flat I know, I don't need reminder from an old man. Actually, this is the 1st time someone had said such thing to me. I guess it is true that the opposite sex often takes note of such properties of females. Anyway, I wear until very 'lock kok' to work. Reason being, too lazy to wear better looking Tee shirts, plus nicer looking shirts usually mean less comfortable.

I feel rather sad that I am already in 3rd year yet I cant be a guru in my E-E-E field. I know nothing at all. Such a shame that I still call myself as an undergr@d. My many years of education do not really give me the skills to be in a technical profession.

My sup is a very very nice guy. I shouldn't say bad things abt him on my blog. I realise my childishness. Haiz.