Monday, February 27, 2006

A hectic week

There is no computing test today, feel cheated. But good cos i didn't really prepare for it. Haiz i should clean my ears more often.

Life is like a battle, has so many obstacles after one another. after the math test on wed, i still have got chem test on thurs.

Anyway, these days, i have been thinking alot about my jaws. Even my family members have not realised all this while that i have a deformed jaw.?? It shows that ppl actually do not tend to notice the contour of your face when they look at you. but still, i feel uncomfortable when ppl look at my face. i'll shift slightly so as not to face him/her as directly. Even when i look at myself in the mirror, i'll tilt my head a little to my right so as i won't find my face tooo unsymmetrical.

Here's my front view face:
very slanted hor?

(my right is also your right side. this pic has been horizontally inverted)

My right jaw grows alot faster than my left one. Why must it grow? Why cant it be as obedient as the left one? Feel like slapping it. But i am scared if i slap it, it will swell more ==> hence a more uneven face. Boohoo! i cant do anything to it. Fine!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mouth problems many many..

Today is not the day yet. went to NDC for consultation and X-ray. It cost me $52 and had more problems discovered.

Phew, luckily it was not a trainee dental officer who attended to me. It was a Registrar who is quite nice, serious and professional. The trainee officer is poor-thing..she runs errand for the registrar eg: Can you switch off the radio in the next-door? Can you show her the way to the Xray room? Can you get ready the form or sth. Ha, i thought they are supposed to be trained as dentists, not errand runners and messengers? But, good for me still.

Dr Wong said i have crooked jaw. He suggested Orthognathic Surgery which is to cut open my face/cheeks to rearrange the lower part of jaw! Gosh, my jaw nearly dropped then! But to do that surgery, an orthodontist will allign the patients' teeth putting braces, which would take about 2 years..but b4 putting braces, the maxilofacial dentist muz extract all the wisdom teeth first. wow, addin up, the whole process would take years. So i said, i think i dont want that. But i think i would like to have straight sets of teeth and a symmetrical face. I had noticed that my face is unsymmetrical long ago and suspected that i've dislocated jaw few weeks ago when i read up on oral problems. Think i might change my mind and do the surgery few years later. It should cost alot since it requires 5 days of hospitalisation.

Back to wisdom teeth probs, Xray shows that there are 4 of them. 1 is embedded. i am right! My intuition is right! That polyclinic Dr Co said 3!@#$%^&* The top one which is embedded is jialat cos its v high up, which is v near the nose pathway. If not careful, a whole will be created and link to the passage way. what would happen next would be v sorry..then the patient muz always go there to clean that passage way permanantly. A tragedy. I dont wanna end up likedat! I am scheduled to remove 2 teeth at one right and bottom right. Eww, so sick at that thought. the surgery costs about $340, after subsidy.

Thus in conclusion, my mouth sucks. and i think i am ugly..thanks to the swollen cheek due to the jaw.

Orthognathic surgery.scary sia.

PC woes

Hate it! This stupid pc has been eating up my pages of lab report! i spent my entire Tuesday doing my wonderful and detailed diagram yet my effort had been wasted! i also typed many equations which took me v long to do so. The subscipt, mathematical equations are troublesome to type. Arg! Can't believe i have to go thru it again. Hello! At this rate, i could never get my things all done!

It is not that i didn't save the documents on Word! i did, clicking the button every 10 min, just to make sure such things never happen to me. The Word program got problem ok? Now i guess i'll have to copy & paste and save as Powerpoint too. just to be 101% careful.

It IS already Thursday! You know i am so worried and anxious that i could not finish my work! Time runs so fast for wad?

i wanna cry, in the loving memory of my lab report. RIP, be sure that i'll revenge for u. As for the stupid pc, u better watch out..

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


My beloved wednesday is gone! Today spent the whole day doing project. Its ok to spend a day to finish it off. But i think we produced something v boring. I would be surprised if we get high marks for it. Btw, the essay constitutes 15%. The previous letter-writing individual assignment is 10%. there's another presentation coming up which also constitutes 15%. Aiyo..y all so heavy?

Conclusion: i really dont like to do projects!

Things to be done during this 1 week recess
  • Chin cinema assignment (30% of overall grade)
  • Lab report (approx 2.6% of GPA)
  • Math tut
  • Phy tut
  • Chem tut
  • Computing test (Mon)
  • Math test (Wed)
  • Chem test (Thurs)
Wow, look at that! The tests...Tic Tac Toe-3 in a row! I dont look forward to the week after the recess break.

and i've only done the cinema assignment! and i doubt i can finish all the things by this wk since its already wed today i need recuperate from thurs onwards.


*post has been re-edited

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Love = marriage..old-fashioned?

Your Candy Heart Says "Marry Me"

For you, love is serious business. You don't take dating lightly.
And even if you haven't met the right person, getting married is something you expect to do soon.

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a romantic picnic in the park

Your flirting style: subtle and calculating

What turns you off: short term flings

Why you're hot: you're a hopeless romantic with each new relationship

Monday, February 20, 2006

Life is sometimes so grey

I thought polyclinic doctors are lousy cos they don’t understand what the patients want. Although they are impatient, they are quite alright actually. That Dr Collin Teo sounds proud. I abit couldn’t stand his attitude. He kept saying “ ya, ya, ya…” and gave me a feeling that he was talking to some fools (us). So irritating.

At the polyclinic, we met an uncle, who is living in the same block as us, there. I see this uncle quite often when I take bus 172. My father knows him. I had never thought that this uncle has/had cancer cos he appears healthy and strong. But I did realize that there’s sth wrong with his ear. On one side, his ear is swollen and red like a lobster. He had settled his cancerous ear problems, according to what my father said. Then just now, that uncle said sth like, “他们抽我的血才发现我有cancer。 我这里有一粒东西, 医生说已经第三期了。。” and pointed to his chest. So sad cos he got it second time. The sadder thing is that, he found out a little too late, at the 3rd stage, which I think it’s the terminal stage? Hmm, sometimes life is so grey. I actually wanted to know more but our turn to enter the doctor’s room came so that’s all I heard. It is really cruel to make him suffer the ordeal twice. Anyway, hope a miracle happens and his cancerous cells disappear on their own or what.

So just now when I was having my dinner, I realize we are having a lot of processed food eg: crab meat sticks, sausages. Crab meat sticks are scary to me cos half of the stick is painted red, bright red! Colouring is no good. We should all be eating healthily. I should refrain from buying keropoks, Mamee snacks etc. Cancer is such a scary thing. (Touchwood, Choy!)


I not stupid too2. It is a typical jack neo film which stereotypes normal tech students getting into fights and watching porno. Hai, think its abit off the title le. Think I still prefer the 1st movie. Nevertheless, I still think this 2nd movie worths the money cos it can really stir up emotions of sadness with the rather old-fashioned hospital-bedside-scenes. Haha.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Where should i go


Problematic. Where should i go? Yesterday i attended the streaming talk and became panicky after it. I haven't been pondering for the past 6 mths which school i should go. This is such a major and serious thing yet i haven't been trying to solve it, cant believe it. We can start to state our choices from March to June. Oh dear!

Here's what i can choose:
1)Civil & Structural Engine (CSE)
2)Environmental Engine (ENE)
3)Mechanical Engine (MPE)
4)Electrical & Electronics Engine (EEE)
5)Bioengine (BE)

To opt for Materials' engine(MSE), its considered as a change of course,so must appeal ===> which is v troublesome. Cos must be hypocritical, act sincere and pitiful to persuade the Dean to let you get into that.

So CSE. BE are out cos they definitely do not suit me. What are left: MPE, EEE and ENE. ENE i not so like as it tends abit to Geography. EEE sounds boring and i dont really like Thermodynamics and Mechanics topics in MPE! You tell me lar, how to choose?

I have no other choices. I dont have any preferences over electronics or machines so i cant make a decision between these two.

Reasons why EEE is better than MPE
1) EEE is easier

Reasons why MPE is better than EEE
1) MPE is more popular among singaporeans as it is a wee bit mre interesting than EEE

1 vs 1, u tell me lar, how? Btw if my results are really bad, i will end up in EEE cos it is the largest sch and has more vacancies.

the prof tsaid that if until at this point of time, we still haven't make up our mind where to go, we should do some 'soul-searching' during the recess. i agree with him so i am searching here. i thought about this since morning and still without an answer.

How can i determine if i like which sch more? i can't even solve this simple qn, how can i become an engineer next time? an engineer is supposed to help his boss to solve problems!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Boring V-Day

No surprises messages, no mysterious gifts arrive at my house. Nothing. Absolutely nothing except a feeling of emptiness. Herm. A friend asked if i was worried about being single, i replied,"do i look like i am worried?" and gave a nonchalant look. Haha. Frankly speaking, i do care. Most of the girls would care but to make their dateless day sounds a wee bit nicer, we usually reply: Ya, i am not going out cos i've a Phy Test on this coming Thurs. Thank god i really have a Phy test that can be used as a pretext of being at-home on this day of love.

Therefore, dateless me, is now at home, sitting infront of my pc and blogging. Pathetic.

Well, on my way to sch, i saw girls carry stalks of roses to sch. Why are they holding onto roses on their way to sch? Are they giving their bfs roses too? That would be sweet. On my way home, i saw guys carry bouquet of flowers..Are they going to meet their gfs?? Btw, those bouquets of flowers were v pretty. i would like to be the recipients of the roses..but... haiz.

Just now my bro wasn't too friendly. i wonder what was wrong..he was quite in a fed-up mood. Fine, maybe PMS. Guys have mood swings once in a while too.

Ok, yesterday night, i captured the full moon pic! Beautiful. but i dont know why it ends up elongated in this pic. Ha, i think its refection.

So bright! looks like the light can blind ppl's eyes??

Few days ago, i was flipping through some old magazines dated November 2005. And i saw something about Mr and Miss Campus. Look a some of the contestants' pics:

"i got a neck cramp!"
"my hobby is eating"

Ei, if u look carefully at this girl on the right,u'll notice she's quite familiar-looking. It says that this girl is from SIM.. who's she?

Oh, she's huimin, an ex-contestant of Superhost.

I think she looks like Patricia Mok.

My point is, why does ppl all go for fame?


Thursday, February 09, 2006

V-day is coming!

Hey look what i have received today!

Tadah! Its a V-Card!

So happy!

So does that mean i have a lover? Unfortunately, no. Well can you believe it, this is my first time i received a V-card from a gal friend. Actually i seldom see ppl selling V-Cards near V-day season. More popular gifts are the usual chocolates and bears. Ha. Why ppl prefer chocolates and bears rather than cards? These gifts are more practical and also, ppl are materialistic. So what would i like to receive from my lover(if i have one)? Probably not chocolates, bears. I think i want roses (erm, rose. one stalk is enough for me). Roses are sweet and they are the 'must-have' things for the girls. You may say, come on la, roses are useless. It is true but when a guy gives a girl a stalk of rose on V-day, it symbolises a lot. Love. Another reason why i want a rose from him is cos i have yet to get one from a guy. Boohoo, such a loserish reason right?

i felt bad today. i was last to finish my lab. I was 2nd last last week btw. Being-slow is one thing, being-slow-yet-still-think-that-i am-not-slow is another thing. A slowcoach can be forgiven, but a slowcoach like me should deserve a slap or wad. You know, while doing my lab, i always got a feeling that i am not slow cos i like never stopped before. In the midst of doing, i could hear other ppl chit-chatting. so i was thinking,'talk and talk, wait cannot finish' and thats why i thought i was not slow. But you know wad, ppl who chit chatted actually completed their lab much earlier than me! couldn't believe it why they so powerfool. Ugh! The feeling of being last is so unbearable. Everyone had left for their lunch, except me. It was such a pathetic feeling. fine, now i should realise how serious my 'slowness' is. Where is my sense of urgency? It had been missing since i entered sec sch. Ok, i'll reflect on myself and try to retrieve it back from dunno where.. buck up!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oh i see.

Just went to read more about City Of Sadness so here's a short review:

hey, i got some parts right.

eg: the Wan Sun is not even a kelefair! No sight of him.

City Of Sadness?

City of Sadness refers to Taiwan? Geehee. I don't understand the show today. Well, i missed the 1st 5 min of show cos he really started promptly at 1230pm. Our Phy Lec ended at 1228, thats why i was late. The opening is v crucial. i cant follow it despite watching it till the end. Angry.

It is about post period after the Meiji Era (izzit era? i forget the name liao so fast) , when mainland's Nationalist Government controlled taiwan. setting is at a family consists of several brothers: Wan Yeung, Wan Leung, Wan Sun and Wan Ching, acted by Tony Leung. Fine. I dont know who is the main lead..but i think shd b Wan ching, who is a deaf mute. And that Wan Sun character, i wonder who is that cos i only hear them mention 'wan sun' this name and never see him leh. It is mentioned that he is missing in where and verified dead in the later part of the show..i am v confused. Wan Leung did dunno wad and got retained by Chen Yi governor? he was beaten up and becomes lunatic in the end who keeps eating up fruits placed at the ancesters' table which are meant as offerings. What else? I really dont know what i was watching. Its such a boring show that many left the LT halfway. Chimilogy.


Yay! i love Tuesday, wednesday and thursday! i just hate Monday cos there is 2 hr computing tut. Also hate Friday which is such a long sch day for me and dislike the 2hr Eff Comm tut!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Teeth matter

Ew, i am quite scared of visiting a dentist. Well, thats what i did today. Went to see a polyclinic dentist. Ha, there were 2 dentists on duty, and both were males and young. By right i could not have seen the dentists' faces cos they always had their masks on, but i juz saw their faces as they came out for toilet breaks, and when i was at the waiting area outside. They are not bad looking.

My turn came, i was assigned to the younger of the two. Ha. At first i could not see his face, (cos he went to the toilet after my turn) but able to tell that he is v young and handsome. Wore specs, those types that are v 'in' and funky now, those that have black thick frames at the sides. Good complexion and cheerful personality. Wow.

Dr Co:Wads wrong?

Me:I think i've 4 wisdom teeth and want to check if they'll affect the other teeth.

Dr CO: How do u know? have u seen them? (i thought this qn abit stupid. i didn't really know how to answer it. i mean, its my mouth, of course i know lah! Fei hua!)

Me: My tongue can feel them.

Dr Co: Hahahaha, let me take a look... (i like his laughter, he really laughed heartily)

Ha, so cute. btw, he said there's much dirt in between the wisdom tooth and the other tooth so its better to extract wisdom tooth away..if not infection may happen.then cuase neighbouring tooth to decay.its really hard to brush those teeth at the back esp when they are stuck tightly with each other. I think the previous time when my swollen gum got so serious that i went to see a doctor, was also an infection due to wisdom teeth. Haiyo. but he said there's 3 wisdom teeth oni. I feel that ther's a 4th one, just that it is still submerged in my gums. He advised me to extract the lower two. ok. So he wrote a referral letter to SGH to have my mini surgery there. Oh, i was scared upon hearing that. He also mentioned that i can choose to use my parents' CPF money to pay for it.. so does it mean that it's gonna cost a bomb?? i stoned. The surgery will take 1 day, plus inconvenience for another 4 days cos thegums will swell. He said, would not be able to attend sch for 4 days. wah, so serious! i was more stoned. Worried...

Fine maybe i extract it during the 1 week recess. argh!

so i saw his real looks after my consultation. he's thin.he wore a long-sleeved pink shirt! quite pinky and not light pink. plus light brown pants. Shirt untucked in. and the collar button was buttoned. i stoned. He looks like a metrosexual.
but i drew his face a little too fat.

i guess he's graduated from NUS few years ago since he's really v young.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Great day!

Though its another tiring day, i still enjoyed today. Probably cos i didn't meet any mean lecturers around! today's indian lab lecturer is nice..hah! Ya, i realise there are more nice ppl in sch le. weird, i thought there was none last sem.

I've received my Ou's calendar! So pretty and it is printed by a good quality a hard plastic casing to envelope the stack of 13 cards. Wonderful! I like it alot. I definitely cannot bear to use it..hehe, will keep it. Oh, Ou's signature is on the calendar cover somemore. i think this thing is really priceless, no amount of money can be exchanged for it. Muack!

Post-New year goodies are not popular liao. now whenever ppl see pineapple tarts or bak kwa or cashew nuts, they wont salivate anymore. We are so sick of the junks (not goodies)already. i think its a waste to buy so much food during CNY. Why do we buy so much when we can find the same stuff at our relatives' houses? its wasteful and UNHEALTHY. all oily fried stuff goes into our mouth, into the stomach...and out from the anus, leaving the colesterol stuck to the walls of arteries. ohhh.

Whatever, i just hope that we can finish up the food before they turn mouldy.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ju dou

Ssoooooooo tired.

Ok, briefly:

This film by Zhang Yi mou...starring Gong Li & some other males.. Btw, her face looks a bit deformed in the show.

As for the plot, i shall summarise in 2 sentences:

What turns round, comes round. Ppl will treat u the way , how u treat ppl.

saw ms carris today. cant recognise her. but in the end i confirmed its her cos of the way she dresses.