Saturday, March 29, 2008

12th Wk of Work - Pails of Tears

Can't believe that I actually cried in office. Tell you another even more ridiculous thing, I actually cried many many times... Cried le then stopped, then after a while, whenever thought about the plight I was in, it triggered my tears.. then stopped and the cycle repeated several times. And I used up my tissue paper. I doubt anyone see me crying because I am 'invisible'

Nothing to do, really. I always tell sup that 'nth to do', but the real fact is, THERE IS NTH TO DO. I can't really blame sup, just blame myself for being suay and ended up here. Honestly, if there were proper things to do, I think I would have been satisfied with this place. People wise, finally got some ppl talk to me! Though I didn't manage to bond deeper with technicians. I wonder whether I would miss this company when the time for me to leave comes. I bet yes, but I really think this place is bad for attachmen+.

I have never imagined that one day, I would encounter a change in seating plan. Staff from IT dept and Pr0curement Dept are occupying our territory. My dept ppl have been shifted to another small office, which can only sit 5 ppl. Boohoo, the sad thing is that my sup is no longer sitting right behind me and is an inconvenience. I can't swivel my chair around 180 degrees and talk to him. Damn, now it is even harder for me to talk to him. Even the indispensable Gu0we1 also didn't manage to get a place in the small office. Only both of us are left with the pr0curement staff. He's not so bad cos he's located at a quite not bad place.. my place there totally surrounded by pr0curement staff and they speak loudly. Actually I know I won't get a place in the small office cos not enough cubicles, I actually don't mind where they are going to shift me, as long as I can have more work to do, sit anywhere will be fine. Plus must have the current old PC I am using. Cos my works are saved in that PC.

I know my time is up, the pr0curement ppl are eager to see me leave my cubicle so that the place can be taken up by another pr0curement staff. You know, occasionally, I see a hand crossing over to my cubicle, pointing at me? The voice says "This one...blah blah". They must be discussing who would sit there. A phone has already been on standby to be installed there, very ready to be used by the next person. Damn them!

Let's see how worse can things go for me.

Friday, March 21, 2008

11th Wk of Work - The Most Meaningless Week of All

Last week I was so grateful to my sup for being so 会做人 by filling in good comments in my assessment form. Then, this week came. I detest him so much. This week is the worst of all weeks. As stated earlier in the start of IA, I would be working on a new machine, but it turned out that the machine came with everything properly done, which left me nth to do! A Taiwanese Engineer even came along to settle all stuff for us. And damn that Taiwanese! I smiled at him today and he didn't bother to smile back. Because 老娘 is in a foul mood this week and my smile went un-reciprocated, I shall curse him! Curse him to miss the last few steps of a flight of stairs and fall down.

When the machine came, I was told to watch the Taiwanese set it up. Fine, I stood and watched. It was damn awkward, for hours I was like being so kelefair. The technicians were around too. But of course they weren't as kelefair as me so Taiwanese was explaining to them on how to operate the machine. I was like being left alone to rot on my own. Hours later, I couldn't stand it anymore, I went back to my cubicle and asked my sup what he wanted me to do.

Me: 那个machine他们已经install好了,你还我继续‘看’吗?(pissed off, emphasizing on 看)
He: 你有学到东西吗?
Me: .... (too exasperated to even utter a 'no' and ending up shaking my head violently)

I was thinking, such question he also dared to ask! Whether I had learnt anything by watching? BY WATCHING! Obviously not! If I were sarcastic I would have replied: "看- 怎么能学到东西? 如果 看能学到东西,学校就不会派我们来了,直接在学校lecture 用看 来学hands on 好了!"

Later, he assigned me to continue to experimenting with a controller which is used on the sensor. Few days ago he was experimenting with it, and obviously, he failed to get it right. Ok, for the past 2 days I had been working on this controller thingy. I couldn't get it work the way it should. I think something is really wrong with it. So i read thru the manual many many many times to make sure nothing is wrong. Then I spotted sth, the controller can't be used on this sensor due to some mismatch. I told my sup. At first he said, that mismatch shouldn't be a problem. Then next he called the sales engineer of the controller, the sales engineer also said it was not a problem. But she would be coming down later. Later came, this sales engineer came with another electronics engineer. The electronics engineer examined a while and said the controller can't be used on this sensor. WTH! Dumbo sup, I told him he didn't believe me! Then this electronic engineer said then believed! WTH! But this electronics engineer super pro!! He's v lihai. He suggested another method without using this controller thing.. then he drew circuit and explained. After he explained le, he asked sup if he understd. Sup said Yes. Bullshit. I doubt he understood. He is a mechanical engineer, those circuit stuff are rather chim, even to EEE engineer, not to say mech engin! Honestly I don't understd wad he was saying. Anyway I got a feeling, sup too paiseh to say he didn't understd, so he pretended to understd. I bet he didn't understd cos the electronics engineer explained rather fast, it would even be doubly hard to understd the circuit stuff.

I really dont think very highly of engineers here. Most things cant solve then ask maker to come down.

Btw, this password thingy is good. I can write bad things abt sup!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

10th Wk of Work - Some Thoughts & Reflections

I cannot imagine the life I would lead after I have graduated from sch. Work long hours. It saddens me when I think of working. Working life is so pathetic. As a standard, we must all work 44 hrs a week, which is equivalent to 5 and a half days, if we were to work 8hrs on a weekday and 4 hours on a sat. Yup, this totals to 44hrs. Including lunch time of let's say 1 hr, then our working hours would be from 8.30am - 5.30pm on normal days and 8.30am to 12.30 on sat. Wa Seh! No life!

If works start at 8.30am then I need to wake at around 6.30am. If work ends at 5.30pm, then I reach home at 6.30pm. See? Total of 12 hrs gone and spent on work and preparation for work!
What about sleep and leisure time? Sleep takes up 8 hrs out of the remaining 12 hrs. So I am left with < 4 hrs of leisure time?

The Daily Routine of a Working Adult
6.30am - Rise
7.30am - Leave House for work
8.30am - Reach Workplace
12.30pm - Lunch
1.30pm - Back from Lunch, continue to work
5.30pm - Leave workplace
6.30pm - Reach home
7.00pm - Bathe
7.30pm - Dinner
8.00 - 10.30pm - Leisure Time
10.30 - 6.30 am - Slp 8 Hrs

Sounds so boring... Some more Saturday must work half day... only 1 rest day Sunday is hardly sufficient for us to replenish our energy for the following week which is a continuous cycle of slogging again. Haiz.

Now I try to remind myself of my 身份. i am just a student, I guess I should keep my mouth shut at all times. =)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

10th Wk of Work - The Meeting

I welcomed my VIP at the receptionist, but he arrived late. It was drizzling and he had trouble finding this place. This shows how ulu my workplace is. Even such a smart ass like him, who drives around, can have trouble. When he entered I couldn't tell it was him. He looks ridiculously un-china and I like his spectacles frame so much. Must be branded, really very nice lor. Anyway I saw his hand holding onto some envelope that bears the university logo, then I knew it was him.

There were couches and a mini table at the receptionist area. He didn't seem to want to talk there because many people were walking in and out and he preferred a quiet place. When I said there's no room, he went to the recep and asked for a room. Whahahaha!!! So funny can? Ok, I didn't laugh out and neither did I find it funny because at that time I was nervous like hell. The recep said he can sit on the couches over there... Haha. He must have (-.-)"' to hear that.

Started. He asked me wad the company does. And then opened my Logbk to first page, and said we could go thru 'page by page'. that time, I got a 'want to faint' feeling, thinking "Not another tough person to handle". ok I started explaining in details... then later he flipped faster and faster. I mean, it is not possible to really go thru page by page...only 1st few pages explain nia. Those database one, he just flipped even w/o reading them and sign blindly. Haha, so afterall he is not so ley chey afterall. Good.

Then he passed a form for my sup to grade me. After everything, my sup told me he gave me good comments. Haha! You know why? Cos in the morning, I sort of complained to sup that I have nth impressive to show to my VIP.. I think to make up for bad feeling I have, I guess he gave me not bad grade. Actually when I told my sup abt nth to show, I didn't think it cud raise my grade. My sup is still a v nice man after all, although I still don't agree with him on every thing. I'll be extremely grateful to him if I manage to get a good grade for my this big mod.

I really think I should change my behaviour. Be less childish, whinish and argumentative.

Tonight can really slp well, can have a nice slp, w/o worries. This meeting with VIP had really disturbed me alot.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

9th Wk of Work - He is Coming!!

Pr0f is paying a visit on next week! Gawd! Panic, he doesn't sound lenient to me. He sounds strict. What can I show him? I must rehearse what I want to say at home.

Actually I have nothing to blog about on my work because I have been doing the same thing for the past few mths. Haiz. Whenever I tell my sup about my plight, then he says "This is not easy.." blah blah and eventually the conversation will swerve in another direction, leading to other stuff. Haiz. He says I will learn alot here, but so far, it seems that my stint here isn't so fruitful after all. For people wise, I also have nth to blog about cos minimal interaction with them.
Another student from M3chanical Engin(I heard) had already done hands-on work. Damn, I feel even more worthless here.

I've observed that my face is getting old. Meaning, my face has matured. Many wrinkles and I don't look like a young girl anymore. I feel quite disgusted at myself when I look into the mirror. I see someone who has the body of a 小妹妹 with an old face, so erxin lor! Somemore with a chipmunk voice, I think I am a very disgusting person. Voice also doesn't sound like a 22 yr old person.

Please, let my meeting with Pr0f be a smooth and impressive one.

Last thing, I have made up my mind on which specialisation, no more ph0t0nics. It is too tough.