Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Poor Me

I feel so down today. Couldn't answer a tutor's question and another tutor told us the answer for a test. After knowing I did very wrongly in the test, I feel like a thermometer in the freezer...zero degree. I hate Binary Search tree! It is the most sickening tree on earth. This kind of tree doesn't provide shade but brings me grey clouds above my head!!!!!

  1. Applied for financial bursary. Went to Office of Finance.
  2. Ate Gummy Bears.
  3. Have 2 more weeks to exams.
  4. Have 3 more days to presentation.
  5. Had serious ulcers, bought ulcer gel
  6. Ate Peppermint icecream
  7. Ate Jackfruit
  8. TV set spoilt, my father got someone to repair for $52.50

The couch in the office of finance is so comfy!

I am seriously lacking of discipline!! I keep idling. Got to go. Good luck to myself.

One last thing, I think Mee is unhappy because I refused to lend him my tut. He can have no one to blame except for himself. I am not obligated to lend him anything. I don't like him and so, I dont care.

Friday, October 27, 2006


Though I expressed my dislike for my t3ch c0mm tutor, I must defend him that he is not stupid. Obviously he is a Dr, how can he be stupid?

Why do I suddenly say this? Cos Mee said tutor was stupid. I replied silently in my head that "he's a zillion times smarter than you lor." There was a group who was late thus they didn't have time to finish the whole presentation in the remaining minutes so tutor told them to skip the least important parts and go straight to the gist. Mee said to me"They prepared so much yet now only speak so little, the tutor v stupid." I thought, there was no link at all. His first part of the sentence doesnt support the 2nd part of his sentence that tutor was stupid. Haiz, I've nth to say.

Btw, my presentation is nxt week. Gosh, haven't prepared at all. Those groups today spoke very well! I can't speak so well. In fact, I realised that foreign students spoke much better than us local. Wow..!

My nightmare starts at 1230pm next friday. Thats all.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Prof W0ng's experience

Taken from edventure:

Let's talk about The Eve and morale during exam period.

The Eve

I had difficulty sleeping on all exam eves, as I was feeling very excited (or should I say nervous) about exams.

To induce drowsiness, at that time my crazy idea was to take a cold tablet, I think panador works also, but had not tried. Don't follow what I did. Take the stress as part of your training here. There was once I was awake for the whole night, even the cold tablet failed to work, maybe it had passed expiry date :p or maybe because the next day PM paper was a real killer paper. Anyway, because of the sleepless night, the next morning my mind was 'blurred' and 'heavy', what to do then? As I mentioned, it was a PM paper, so for the whole morning, the only liquid that I took was glucose water. I am a drinker, drink 2 litres a day. I bet that morning my blood tasted real sweet :) :) Of course, the chicken essence was a must before the paper began.

I would recommend you to
1. pack your stuff before going to bed, if it is a morning paper. Check that you have your matric card, calculator, pens, pencils, corrector fluid, etc. Of course must also remember that never leave home without the secret weapon.

2. go to bed early. Before going to bed, relax your mind (you have done your best to study right? there is nothing more you can do), take hot water bath, and drink warm milk. Pray if you are religious, that also calms you.

3. set the alarm clock so that you won't oversleep.

4. go to the exam venue earlier, you don't want to be late.

5. when you see the paper, maintain calm, don't panick.

Morale during exam period
I never discussed/compared answers with my friends after each paper, because I didn't want to feel discouraged, I didn't want to feel bad.

Whatever the outcome of a paper, no matter how bad you think you have done, don't let it affect your mood. I know it is not easy to do that ... but look at it this way
you cannot turn back the clock, so there is no point in regretting, blaming your lecturer or yourself, but there is always hope for what is yet to come.

Friday, October 20, 2006

The day after I had boiled up.

It is a brand new day. Last night I was fuming so heatedly and thought that I was going to explode. Haiz, this Mee affair caused me to lose some concentration while watching online videos. I decided that I would want to have nth to do with Mee after this semester. Avoid talking to Mee and avoid eating mee. I had never felt so boiled-up before. The last time I was very boiled-up is about more than 1 year ago when I was still working. A colleague made me so angry that I showed her my temper. And even after that unhappy incident, I couldn’t bring myself to talk to her, I only talked to her when necessary, like work-related matters. I guess she didn’t feel good. But what could I do? The best is just avoid contact so that the possibility of flaring my temper at her again is lower. Friction can never occur without contacts. Call me petty, I don’t deny. I am a 小人 who is petty rather than a 君子who is magnanimous. Forgive a person is easy, but it is not easy to forget what one has done. Some people say that if you 不去计较这些小事,生活就会快乐些。True. But it is hard as you always feel that you are a victim and so you cannot don’t care about such things.

Though I haven’t found out what I am good at, I still think that everybody is good in some ways. A quiet person is good at not causing noise pollution. A not-academically-inclined person may be good at non-academic areas. It is just that that person hasn’t discovered that area. Having a degree doesn't mean success, not having a degree doesn't mean a failure. Like Creative’s sim wong hoo…He was born in Singapore and graduated from the Electrical & Electronic Engineering faculty of Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore. In 1 July 1981, Sim Wong Hoo with his school friend Ng Kai Wa set up shop in Pearl Centre in Singapore. He got his start running Creative as a computer repair shop. While doing this he developed an add-on memory board for the Apple II computer that they sold as well. Later, Creative started creating customized PCs adapted for the Chinese language which included enhanced audio capabilities so that the device could produce speech and melodies. The success of this audio interface led to the development of a stand-alone sound card named Sound Blaster that Creative marketed. Sound Blaster was very successful and has been used as a standard of comparison for sound cards. Creative has sold over 100 million units of Sound Blaster since then.

The above Sim's info is taken from Wikipedia.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A type of instant noodle...

At the first sight, I thought Indomee (Instant Mee goreng) was nice to be eaten, as shown on the package cover and TV adverts. It is prepared by first boiling the packet of noodles, then drain it and season it with the small packet of dark soy sauce given. That little packet of soy sauce, isn't enough to make the noodles salty and thus usually I would add my own. However, the noodles would be extremely dark in colour, but problem of its dark colour cannot be helped so I can only forgive it and criticise its others 101 faults.

When my father first bought this Indomee, we were all fighting for this kind of mee goreng. However, after trying out the noodles, we felt that it is infact less fulfilling than those soup-instant noodles. These Indomee made me ridiculously angry! Cos the noodles are damn stubborn and spring-ly and they often sprang onto my face, you see. Not only are the noodles getting on my face, they are getting on my nerves too. When the oil from the noodles got onto my face, big acnes and pimples will develop v quickly. It caused major changes in my work face.

So what did I do to counteract its stubborn-ness? Frankly, I couldn't do much, that is sad. I only suffered in silence. But, I did try to prevent more of its stubbornness-to-come by telling it my truthful views. However, NOODLES do not have ears, you see? So how could the noodles listen to me? They are deaf! So, indomee went on as self-centred as ever. Then, as time goes by, these noddles got more arrogant! It decided to "cheat" people by reducing its share. The portion of mee found inside the the packet reduced from 65grams to 20grams. It is trying to shirk its responsibility by not fulfilling the desires of my stomach. In the past, it gave my stomach a 60% satisfaction and now, it only gives miserably 20%! Are the noodles implying that it is the king and it thinks it is alright to reduce its workload? Does indomee know that its counterparts like Instant abalone noodles and tom yam flavoured noodles are doing so well that they are so popular & they lose sleep while slogging so hard? Shame on you, indomee, tsk tsk.

Now, if this mee still thinks it is so gd, it will cause him many penalties. Hope it is kena complained to the CASE (the consumers' association etc). As for me, I am now eating Koka noodles now. Although it doesnt taste well and is quite expensive, I still like it because it is friendly! It doesnt spring on my face like what indomee did.

Good Koka noodles, you have a bright future ahead! I'll support you forever.

Note: I am so angry with the virtual noodles so I am here, venting my frustrations on the poor real noodles. Yes, I am real mad. Mad as in both angry and insane!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Post Friday 13th is equally suay

我知道对或错 我自己能分辨
请你安静点 请你安静点

This Kenji's <<将军令>> says it all! This phrase of the song describes my current feeling. You should be able to guess why I feel this way.

Anyway i tripped twice today! Jinxed!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the thirteenth

Jinxed day! I am jinxed!! Demoralised. Whatever. I feel so lousy today.

Do's *** Take a bottle of chicken essence half an hour before each paper. You must have seen the TV commercial of chicken essence, which sells the idea that it is the secret weapon for exam. Speaking from experience, I agree fully with that. My mother always bought for me x number of Brands Chicken Essence (big bottle) to cater for the x number of papers I had to take. On the day of a paper, she would open a bottle of chicken essence, pour into a tuppleware container, and let me bring to school. It is not that easy to open on the spot, didn't I tell you I was pampered :p :) I would take the essence half an hour before the paper began ... need some time to digest it. The effect was great - I would feel very alert, it's like having a good night's sleep and breathing in pure oxygen, the mind was simply crystal clear! This must have contributed a lot towards flawless workings and consequently good results! For vegetarians, nowadays there are other varieties of essence, eg, linzhi, ginseng, having similar effects as chicken essence. *** You remember the (fishhead + soya beans) soup? My mother would cook that once a week, I don't think it makes me more intelligent, but I have never had headaches. For vegetarians, although you don't take fishhead, you can eat soya beans, and it could well be that soya bean is the main contributing factor. *** For the KS people: bring extra calculator and pens. *** Always wear comfortable clothing for exam. *** Be at the exam venue 40 minutes before you are allowed to go in. That will give you time to calm down (mood is very important), to take chicken essence, and also to glance through your summaries. Sincerely, Dr Patricia

from edventure.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Shooo me? Cos of my shoes?

I was embarrassed in Lab today. I thought happily that today's experiment was a computing one so I didn't bother to wear covered shoes. So i thought i would have a great day ahead when I reached the lab not-so-late.

No, it was the start of my nightmare! The lab technician went around to check everyone's footwear. The lecturer told me to borrow shoes from other ppl who live in hall. But I do not know of anyone who lives in hall. I mean I cant possibly ask my classmates frm last sem for shoes, it is not v nice of me to do so. Anyway i wasted some money.

Lesson learnt: never wear uncovered footwear even on a computing lab.

However I realise that most P-Duck lecturers are v 'gao chey' abt the rules. Remember the previous time abt the lecturer who refused to ans my qn becos i was late? He is also P- duck. Why? Why are p- ducks so 'leh chey'?

So, I'l try my best to be good.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mooncake festival aka Mid Autumn festival

Happy lantern festival! Last night, the moon was at its fullest, however it was not the brightest. Due to the haze. The haze now is so jialat that it has reached the unhealthy index level, and we should avoid having outdoor activities. Look outside your window and you can see a smokey scenery. And it has been quite warm these days, izit caused by the haze too? Global warming?
Anyway, i recall few years ago, such haze incident was so bad that school was terminated for a few days..did this happen before? Or it only happened in my imagination?

I guess kids are the ones who enjoy mooncake festival. They carry lanterns and play with candles. I used to do so too, of course, when I was still a young kid. I remember going to Chinese Garden before the 15th and collected free paper lanterns, they were so beautiful with all sorts of colours. Pink and orange were my favourites. Then on the 15th I would carry paper lanterns at home. It was necessary to carry the paper lantern gently, if not, the flame in the lantern would catch fire on the paper lantern. I liked how the lantern glowed in the house with all lights switched off. Then when I was slighlty older, our neighbours gave us lanterns which run on batteries. Got sheep, horse and some other animals lanterns..but they were less fun than the paper types. After carrying lanterns, we played with candles at the corridor outside our house. We melt the bases of the mini candles and lined and stuck them on the floor. Then lit up all these candles. So nice.. now reminiscing those times, I wish to go back to the past and experience the joy of a kid.

So as a young adult, i don't really enjoy Mooncake festival as much as a kid. This year we bought 3 pomelos and a tube of mooncakes. I love pomelos! I always called them " da da de orange" cos to me they are same as oranges just that they are bigger in size. And we are no mooncake-appreciators so we just bought $2.95 cheapo type that comes in tubes of 4 mooncakes(Ppl usually buy in box de). the main reason why we bought mooncakes is because my father must bai (pray) mooncakes to the Dua Peh Gong. Honestly, they don't taste good. Haha.

I gazed at the moon last night too.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Let me decay and disappear from this school...

When I was in primary school, I used to wish to get into U n i. I kept pondering if I had the capability to get into one.

Seriously, i think I dont. Guess what? I managed to solve zero out of 5 questions in my circuit test!!!

Sad right? Sat there for 30 minutes yet produced no answers. I couldn't think at that time. And that table was damn small. With the calculator, jacket, heavy bag, pencil case all on my lap, I felt super uncomfortable. Shouldn't blame the table. Even if it was a big table, I guess I still wounldn't be able to solve them.

Sometimes I feel that a test is like a game in casino... Guessing game and luck. Cos I anyhow choose my answers.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Sianed & Peeing

I am sianed by this kind of everyday-study-life.

Shall not talk about it cos talking about this sch life makes me more sianed.

Lets talk about....


Many people complain I take too long to pee. I can't help it. It just refuses to come out immediately. It feels that slow and steady wins the race. Haha. I pee on the average of 2 times in school everyday. Somedays more than 2 times. And I use alot of the school's toilet paper.