Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today, fami|y went to eat buffet. I am happy, that my parents quite enjoyed it. Of course, we stuffed ourselves to make our money worth it. I always like buffets, as they are more value for money than other restaurants/food courts.

I created another dinner-wear-look. Here it is:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This mech@nical guy, is the first person in this coy that I have great dislike for. He is NoG0odGuy. A brief description: He's about 35-40, not too bad in dress sense, married with daughter/daughters, cos I rmb seeing some photos on his cubicle walls when I went to look for him.

There is this project, which requires mech@nical work like design something, that an Electr|cal guy usually can't do. In a meeting with an angm0h from 5witzer|and in early June, it was briefly said that NoG0odGuy will be assigned to design something. After the meeting, before parting, NoG0odGuy told me to look for him in Ju|y, as he was busy with many other things.

Then, because of my b0sz, asking me the progress of this project, then (we, someone came along together) I went to look for NoG0odGuy. It was one d@y bef0re Ju|y. I rmb v clearly that he said :"Why you look for me so early, not Ju|y yet. Tmr July, u can look for me tmr." He told me to come up with a plan with the requirements, so that designing would be made more efficient. He said send him the plan.

So two weeks later (cos I was busy with other stuff too), I mailed the plan to him. He replied, and cc his bozs that he would not be doing the design. So his bozs came and find me, asked me what happened. I told him, NoG0odGuy promised me he would be doing it, that's y i sent the thing to him. His Bosz said, i will need to talk to my Bosz as design will be outs0urced to supp|ier. And NoG0odGuy is said to be v unhappy over this, as his Bosz had told others. His Bosz also said that NoG0odGuy has denied ever agreed to do the design.

==End of story== Ranting Begins!!

What the he|l you NoG0odGuy! You already said u would do it, on 1 day b4 Ju|y. That day, there was someone else also heard it, someone else also said NoG0odGuy agreed to do it. Both of us don't understd why you can flip ur words so quickly n easily. If you hadn't asked for the plan, I wouldn't even spend time doing it. I would straight away do my part before planning. Waste my time talking to you on last day of Jun nvm, waste my time do the plan specially for you to see, when you just say "not doing"!!

And the most frustrating thing is, you can still act angry and upset? If you don't want to do, fine lah, still tell your Bosz you unhappy over this!! Don't do then don't do lah! Angry for what? You said you would do and u coward back-out, yet I still nv angry. I thought I should have more reason to be angry instd. Yes, I am angry, because I cannot believe there is such a sickening person in my coy.

This person is another v unhygienic person. Hope he gets food poisoning due to his poor hygiene and la0 sai for days, nope, months!! This guy v pro at talking one.. Haiz, ppl use mouth to work, instd of hands!