Thursday, December 23, 2010

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Long Overdue Blog Entry on my Trip

I went on a trip on 22 Nov and was back on 26Nov 2010. Actually landed after 12, so to be precise, it should be 27 Nov.

Ok, I shall talk in finer details. This is Me, waiting to get on the plane. And also see the plane.

When I reached there, it was nighttime, after 7pm. So there was night breeze, and I felt chilled. Note that it is just chilled, not say v v v cold... But I was very shocked to see everyone wearing jackets, and some thick jackets. I thought I was under-dressed.

Next day, went to 0cean Pk. Tried a few rides. Some of the rides seemed too terrifying for me. Like those that kept turning that would make one feel dizzy. Took many many pictures that made my cam battery ran out. This is a nice pic, I like it:

Next stop, wax museum, battery was dead, so only took pictures with selected models using friend’s camera/phone. Sigh, what a waste. Here’s one:

[pic removed - me and 0bama]

Then, went to watch the LIGHTS. I love this very much. In fact this was my best segment of the trip. I like the WALK @ night. Very chilly, at the sea. But armed with windbreaker, it was GREAT! Next time if I have found my another ha|f, I would want to come here again with him to enjoy the walk together.

Oh ya, saw a filming crew. They were filming this lady. I cannot tell who she is.

What’s next is the shopping part. As we shopped, we seldom took pitures.. Thus very few pictures. First went to wholesale center shops. I bought a black jacket, a long sleeve cute shirt. To be honest, I had trouble buying clothes. First, the shops were all selling jackets/ thick long sleeve shirts, which is not appropriate to wear in Sg’s weather. That’s why I didn’t buy a lot. I like this pic, v well taken.

Here’s me of my backview. Seldom get to see my own backview. It was damn hot (like Sg).

Then continue walk walk at another location, shopped for souvenirs to bring back give ppl. In short, walked a lot and until legs v tired.

The very next day, continued to walk/shop @ other place. Bought a pair of shoes and blouse.

The last day, I went to buy the famous wife biscuit. Then off to G|ant Buddh@, for sight-seeing. This is my 2nd favourite segment, because the scenery is great (the stature was at the top), the stature is big, and I felt wonderful at the top, looking downhill at amazing seemingly small-looking hills. Air was nice-smelling, and best of all, I felt conquerous at the top.

After which, we went to shopping again. Lastly went back to airport, and then bye. Some food pic:

Milk pudding, i every tried it in Sg, but found it too milky to my liking. Same for this one over there. The problem lies in me.

The highly-raved dessert over there. Heard that the mango there super sweet. So I ate. It was normal what? I think once again, its my problem.

That's all. This entry took me hours to write, photos take v looonggg to post!!!!