Friday, January 26, 2007

Study is very stressed-ful

Very tiring is the life of a student. The higher the level he is at, the more stressed he would feel. I am very sick of studying. I used to like studying when i first starting schooling. After 15 years, I feel very lethargic, help! Why do I still study?

  1. So that next time I could get a good job.
  2. My parents always want me to study & study...
Racked my brains and honestly I can't think of more reasons. That is so sad because I do not enjoy my learning process. So, why do I not like studying?

  1. Studying is tough, its requires lots of effort to do well.
  2. Not fun, boring..brain tormenting maths, physics concepts are for guys.
  3. Being a student has no income. (neither do I like to work)
  4. Studying has always made me realise how lousy I am, in other words, it crushes my self-esteem and causes depression.
See, the cons outweigh the pros of studying! Let's boycott studying! Joking nia, not possible right? Reason number 1, "So that next time I could get a good job" is a very impt reason that I can't possibly not care about my future. Though I roughly know how my future is like..

Ok, what stressed me out are the two modules, Maths & Analog electronics. I am completely lost in the maze, unable to see any light. How? How? Jialat, this sem is so terrible. And I have reports to write. Now I know how hard it is to write a report related to business when i've no marketing background. I'm hesitating if I should S/U it?

My analog lecturer keeps joking, but he is much funnier than the engineering maths lecturer who always eats snakes. Analog lecturer always say "gong kia also know"..meaning such concepts are so simple that everyone should know. Everytime when he said this, I would think...woa, I must be even more dumb than gong kia cos I don't understand what he is talking about...Haha, so funny! he said lastime when he was an undergrad, he also couldn't comprehend his lecturers gong simi..

Hope I can see the light soon, am so scared! I don't wanna be gong kia, I wanna know what he gong simi...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Laboratory Work

I hate lab! 3hrs of sian-ness. I feel sian by lab because I am very lousy at practical stuff. Connect here & connect there, how do I know where to connect it? Seriously, I wish to send my deepest condolences to whoever my lab partner is. My the other half, having me as lab partner, is equivalent to doing the experiment alone himself. Haiz. I am so inferior and lost in my own world..really don't understand what the hell is the experiment going on. I am very slow in understanding concepts.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

School starts.

Alright, I shall just talk about my modules.. they are Analog Electronics, Semiconductors Fundamental, Digital Electronics, AC Circuits & Machines and my Engineering Maths II. OMG, these subjects are even harder than previous sem's.

Analog Electronics is taught by an old old lecturer who always add hokkien terms when he talks. He said: Buey Hiao means Buey Hiao, cos never read textbook. (Dont know means don't know). I think the best teaching award makes some lecturers crazy. The lecturer jokingly told us to vote for him. I was so~~. That award obviously and rightfully belongs to you-know-who, Prof g0el. If other lecturers are dreaming of gettin that, I think they are really far from their dream.

My maths lecturer is even more jialat. He keeps crapping non-stop and pollutes our innocent mind with dirty ideas. As an exam-oriented lecturer (He says he's here to help us get gd grades for exams and acquiring knowledge are all crap), he cant teach well. He even asked a student how many stars she would give him when filling up e feedback form. The girl said 5 out of 5 (no choice). So the teaching award makes some lecturers more fake.

The rest are ok, but of course we cant find another lecturer as good as Prof G0el. I've neglected this blog..Haha..

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Knowing that school is re-opening in 1 week's time, it is important that I should enjoy the remaining hols to the fullest. Though I feel like a wastrel sometimes (wasting my youth by slacking away), I still want to slack as much as possible. Coz I wont be able to do so with so many tutorials, tests and exams.

I have been faithfully watching Lady Fan at 7pm everynight. Fan Lihua is most 伟大 woman. Everything she does is against her liking, like marrying to Xue Dingshan, but still does all that so as to prevent her tribe/country from going to war with Tang. Despite 区区一位女子, she could beat any guy (including her Hubby Xue Dingshan) in terms of martial arts. Her bonus point is knowing magic known as 幻术。Hence, the Tang emperor uses Fan Lihua (who isn't a Tang originally) to fight other tribes. Anyway, it irks me when Xue family mis-treated Fan Lihua and when they need her favour in something, they'll force Xue Dingshan to beg Lihua to help them. And of coz, being a selfless heroine, Lihua would still help them. How unfair! If I were her, I wouldnt help them at all. its like 利用 a person. Well, its only a show, I shouldn't get so worked up..haha.

Watched Little Nicky and American Beauty lastnight until 2am.

I also want to finish watching my Phoenix Korean Series on YouTube but its lagging everyday...I wish I could finish them b4 sch re-opens.

While watching shows, I snack(many many many) alot. And the reult? Big acnes on my face..and there are 3 ones.