Friday, September 23, 2011

My 5th intvw

To date, this is one of the worst intvws I had. I feel the people (intvwers) are slightly arrogant. Perhaps they are the political kind. Being in a big company, they seem proud of it, and have the elitism feeling.

It from the questions they ask, you can feel that there's some elitism in them. Examples.

Them: Have you ever applied to any of our companies before?
Me: No.
Them: Why not? (imply: OURS IS SUCH A BIG COMPANY) And need this agent to call you up to tell you about this opportunity?
Me: *Replied silently in my head, Duh! He called me up because I applied to the job in the first place! What stupid questions are you asking?

Them: What did you maj0r in?
Me: M|cr0 electrnics
Them: Oh, then why didn't you join *list other company's name*?
Me: I am open to that as well. (*Replied silently in my head that, ya I did apply to that company & I think I prefer joining that company to yours.)
Them: Haha, just kiding.

Them: Why was your contract not renewed? (imply: Haha cos I know you are lousy!! Heh. I will make you answer that)
Me: There was no headcount, and the economy will not be that g00d in the next quarter, so they were not hiring.
Them: Do you believe the reason they gave you? (imply: no no, I think real reason is that you are lousy)
Me: *Replied silently in my head, why are you asking this? You already have an impression that I am lousy, even if the reason is true, you would choose to believe that it was due to my incompetency. Waste my time talking to you, and my bus-fare.

Them: You will get a call if you are selected. Usually, there will be a total of 3 rounds of intvw, the last round will be with who-who-blah blah..
Me: *Replied silently in my head, I don't expect to get a call, even if I do, I am not interested anymore. I do not wish to work under you.
Them: If you do not get selected, I still want to thank you for your time.
Me: * Replied silently in my head, ya my time, wasted.


It is true that I am getting v worried about my j0b. Seems hard. But even then, I still will not work under such boss. Neither does he want me anyway.

I run far far from this company....

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Job-seek|ng Experience that never ends...

Argh! When can I stop looking for a job? It is indeed very sian. Ok, I need to put it down here, so that during my next job search, I will remember that job-seeking is never an easy process, and always grab any opportunity that comes by!

Over thirty-something applications sent, so far only 4 responded with interviews. That about 10 percent. Oh no. This is so terrible.

Having said that, doesn't mean that I regret the decision made earlier in the offer. Well, its still early (though not really), to say whether it is a wrong decision or not, it depends on the next offer i get (which most probably I would take if any offer), if that new offer is better than the 1st one.

Yesterday, I went for my 4th interview. It was a very short one that last for 15 mins. I have never had such a short one. Usually means not much chance. I have problems finding companies which I can send application to.

Please bless me.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It has been very quiet

My last interview is so far the third company that has granted me an interview. I haven't had any calls lately. It is quite demoralising, am I so undesirable that my resum3 turns them off?

To be honest, I am starting to panick. The horror of being unemp|oyed for several months, the idleness and laziness I would have developed, make me realise I just want to work and be useful. I feel the pressure when people ask me if I have found a job. As I answered them, I would ask myself too, how come haven't? And then my confidence level got hit by several points down.

Ok, my third interview, I knew they weren't going to choose me. You can tell if they are interested in me. If they were, they would ask you many questions. Nevertheless, the interview was not too bad, the interviewers seem nice. Haha. Take it as a practice session.

I have run out of companies to send my application to. You know, I keep seeing the same adverts that, most of them, I have probably applied before. Yet no news, wasn't shortlisted, yet the adverts are still there. If you cannot find anyone, why don't you just take me? Or either, the turn over rate is high, nobody works for you for exceed 2 months? Then this must be a yucks job.

Jia you Jon!