Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fourth, Fifth & Last Papers

Okay, they are all over so now I have the luxury to update my blog. These three papers are all v hard. maybe because I didn't spend enough time on them. For my Fifth Paper I didn't even read the suggested past year questions answers. That is the most unprepared paper among all. I predict I would get a C or D (or even F) or it. Haiz.

I think accounting is really boring to study. Its not interesting at all, so dry. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise that my lousy grades did not qualify me in accounting course. And no more business modules for me in the coming semesters, arts module maybe.

I am so tired. That is all.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Third Paper of Third Sem

I spent 3 whole days studying for this paper. It is very brain-tormenting especially studying the trees part. Actually I dont really understand what is going on in trees. Luckily no questions were tested on them.

Last night, my left eye suddenly became so itchy that I couldn't study anymore. The itch was so intense that I kept wanting to scratch, rub my eye. I went to wash it and then went to sleep so as to not feel the itch. This morning woke up and could barely open my eye. The sticky fluid, like mucus, sealed my eye lids..and it hurt, from the scratching and rubbing last night. Thank god it wasn't as itchy but I was so scared the ich would come back in the midst of exam. i realise during exam period, some bad things will happen to me. Maybe i should go to a doc later.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Second Paper of Third Sem

Yo! So glad that the second paper is over! Now I have 4 more big ones to go. I haven't started studying for some core modules. Now I have about 1 more week to the next paper and can catch some eye-rest, I guess. Today's paper is quite tricky and i don't think I can do well cos there are quite many biological sci students taking it. They should be very good in this. The plus point of taking this module is that it is quite slack. That's all~

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

First Paper of Third Sem

First paper is hard. I spent 6 and a half days preparing it and I guess it is going to turn out quite bad. I made some careless mistakes..argh, so angry with myself. And of course, some I totally dunno how to do at all. Some, I dont have the time to complete solving it. 2hrs for 4 questions and each question has so many parts and require tedious mathematical manipulation, 2hr is reali nt enough. That why it is called an exam, to divide students based on their quick thinking and accuracy. Hai, I am slow and so I cant score :(

I counted and estimated, out of 100, the most I could get is around 45. Five more papers to go, v quickly they'll be over.

Am so tired. I wasted my whole 45minutes.....anger, anger and more anger!

Ah beng was exceptionally ah-beng today! His seat was at the far back and I was seated at the middle so he had to walk past me. When I saw him approaching towards my direction, his long dyed brown hair flew a little. Woa, 'zou lu you feng de'. And he reminds me of what I have always watched on TV, the scenes in which cool guys walk with some 'air'.Of course my eyes feasted on him all that while, so shiok man. He wore another black shirt (Not the polo tee which he always wears). But at the moment he was walking past me, i could smell his cigarettes 'air'.. He must have taken a puff just before the paper to boost his energy. Cool..though I dislike the smell. Hah.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Third Sem

The exams are just next week and I am still here typing on my blog. Ya, I am idling now. Everyday study very sian one leh! The exams signal the end of my third semester in this school. This sem is very a 'raw' sem, the core subj I take are those I have not learnt in my JC before, unlike the last two sems, some of the cores' contents we learnt before in JC. I had complained that I hate those disgusting subjs and now i shall ranked them according to my dislike. Top of my most disgusting subj ranking is.... *drumroll*... Signals!

  1. Signals & Systems. We learn about Linear time invariant system...then dunno wad... Fourier series representation of the signal and when i see the whole chunk of workings that are in complex exponential form, I get so lost. And we learnt Digital signal processing and modulation in the second part of the module. Frankly speaking, I dont really understand what that was all about. I am not thinking of going to Electronics or micro-electronics stream cos I am so daunted by the signals!
  2. Engineering Maths. Again, we learnt about Fourier Analysis. Then Laplace transform, and the most hated Partial Differential Equations (PDE), and Probability and Statistics and lastly, Numerical Methods. I find Laplace and PDE very hard. For Probability, we learnt more now than in JC. And Numerical we learnt about Runge kutta, Euler's methods, improved euler's method... Newton Raphson taught in a few brief and unimportant lor.
  3. Circuit Analysis. Tough! Solve different type of circuits questions v pek chek one, especially when you spent hours on them and yet still couldnt solve. This module requires some Laplace transform, argh!!!
  4. Data structure and Algorithms. This is the only module which doesnt involve in Fourier, Laplace shit. But writing algorithm for Binary search tree for sorting/searching is like squeezing my brain juice dry. One good thing is that we dont have Hands-on to do!! yay. That is why it ranked number 4 in my hated list. Heh.
  5. Lab, Tech Comm. I hate them alot but because they are of lesser AU so I always feel that they are insignificant. But no, these two add up to 3 AU, not that little too. Hope I can get reasonable grades for them, they are non-examinable subjects.
This sem exams are very crucial to me, they can act as a gauge whether I have the qualities of electrical or electronic engineer or none. I think, none...

Good luck for stressed.