Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Experiment with Food..

Finally i've got the chance to cook. For my first time, that was yesterday's dinner, i prepared bittergourd. The difficult part was to remove the 'heart' of the i use my fingernails to scratch away the while colour part? Or do i use the knife to scrape it away? Well, i used both. It was painful to use my nails..and difficult to use a knife. When it came to the frying part,as expected, i was nervous, as i'm afraid of fire & heat and of the oil which can spurt onto my face. With a kiasi mindset, i was armed with a thick that if the oil spurt, it wont burn my hand. As i was too busy, i forgot to take a pic of the product.. But still, i think it was ok..a little too bland as i had not put in enough Soy sauce.

Today, i cooked Brocolli+Mushroom! It was too saltish..but brocolli stems were soft enough.
Also got tomato fishball soup + rice. The tomato soup looks bloody, haha

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Sunday Boyz

Last night was the last time Dennis Chew & Edwin hosted in The Sunday Boyz, from 11pm to 2am. I must say, i felt a tinge of sadness and gratefulness towards the end of the programme. Felt sad as i would not be able to hear such funny programmes during Sundays le..glad that i managed to catch 4 of the sunday programmes out of a total of 6. I heard the their 1st epidsode and was attracted to them, it was on the 23rd April night when i was mugging for my Computing exam. i was amused by the callers' humor when they called in. Mostly, they were friends of edwin &weilian. I kept giggling as i studied as they were sooo funny that i couldnt stop myself. Together with last night's The Sunday Boys were Jia Hui, Juneli, DaXiong, Weilian as guests. I think it was a little too crowded cos Jia hui was being noisy due to her v sharp voice. Nah, i dont like her voice..abit unpleasant to my ears.

I also realise that most of the callers, tend to use cool language. Haha, there was one guy who couldnt speak mandarin welll cos he had gone to overseas for his studies. It was weird hearin him speak a mixture of bad mandarin & english with an angmoh accent. But his courage was commendable cos he spoke a lot and caused some other callers unable to call in. What i had realised is that he used a lot of 'you-know's in his speech. Another caller kept using, 'i mean' in her words. There should be mre than 10 'i mean's she had used. i was v shocked lor. she substituted 'i mean' as a conjunction 'and'. think i need to catch up on my language...must speak abit cooler like them..haha. my both english & mandarin not v well-spoken too.

anyway, back to the sunday boys topic, they played weilian's 8 years-old voice as well as 11 yr old singing vocal.(it was edwin who had those tape recording) Wl sang xiao sa zhou yi hui in a karaoke contest in sch. Well, it didnt sound like the present wl, but was gd nevertheless. This made me recall that in my kindergarten years, my teacher had also asked us to sing that Sally yeh's xiao sa zhou yi hui. It was a v popular song then. Edwin n Wl also had storytelling contest when young and they played it on was funny~ and interestin to hear their young voices.

At around 1.50am, edwin spoke quite alot on his route to DJ-ing Sunday boyz. I felt touched by his words..and admired his strong command of mandarin(hey i actually think that he spoke better than dennis, just that edwin was still a little too soft). Aiya, the most 'twee' thing was that i wasnt using the computer at that time, if not i could have recoreded his words! My bro was using then. I oni managed to record a little at the end (using my hp)..which didnt have much of edwin speakin! i missed the most touchin part.

Listen to what i had recorded..

click here to hear edwin & dennis programme advertisement

click here to hear edwin and dennis n prob wl sing together towards the end of programme

click here to hear them say gd bye
Can be download for the 1st seven days quick to d/l. each clip last shorter than 1min..v short de.

I like edwin's voice.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Today's worth...

Haven't blog since more than 1 week ago. I am actually one of the free-est person in this whole wide world, not working nor studying for the special term. So what have i been doing? Surfing the net! But today i did sth else b4 i touched this computer...

Presenting you my 5-hours' work: Tadah~Whenever i buy jeans, they are usually too long for me. the minimum length for the legs of jeans is around 30inches. My legs only measure up to 27inches, which the difference is quite a lot. so i have to alter it myself. My poses are weird..but considering these pic were taken by myself, i would find then pretty ok. One thing that i cannot stand, is the sight of my short legs, 27inches is really too short. Oh ya, forget to mention that this jeans cost 26bucks.

recently i've been trying to learn cooking. Tomato soup...
I did some frying of vegetables and my hand cannot tahan the heat. This idea of learning to cook partially is inspired by da chang jin. And also because, i suddenly feel that there is a need for me to know how to cook. I want to be more independent and one day i may need to cook for myself (if i dont have chance to get married) or several ppl (if i start a family..haha...dreaming away).

My left jaw bone had been growing these days.. I just hope that left bone can grow exactly to the same size as my right jaw. i recall: about 2 more weeks to release of results... nervous..

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Da Chang Jin II (Fav male characters & others characters too)

Click here to refer to my previous post on da changjin

Yippee!! i had finished watching the whole Dae Jang Geum last night 0130am!~! This is one of the best serials i ever watched (probably cos i watched v few serials). I really feel touched, angry, sad for those characters. The part which i engoyed watching most is that the exposure of evil-doings by Lord Wu, the Cui s. The part on how Medical woman Ah Lie, together with Cui s, sabotage Changjin.. Those incidents at Medical Istana are as interesting as those in Royal
Kitchen.. i thought the medical part would be boring, i was wrong!!

This medical woman is so chio! 信非 Shin fei~~like a lamb.. she's a a close friend of changjin. And, is one medical woman with ethics. Not many other women have that.
My favourite male characters!

I think the sexiest male character is not min Zhenhao , but 申益必!! He's the teacher of changjin but is super stern, serious and never smiles. He is forever as serious as Serius Black due to his negligence which leads to a grave mistake. That is why i like this old uncle, haha.

tadah!! my uncle idol's pic~~申益必

shuai rite? i seem to have some fondness towards old uncles..yea! More of him to come...hehe..

I really like his half-closed-half-opened-eyes looks. Looks so aloof yet modest.

If you refer to the character map i posted at the top, u'll see that another physician whose rank is about the same as 申益必, is also an uncle. so what? i LIKE him too. 郑云白 superintendent!
郑云白 met changjin at a farm v early in the show. he is the first nice guy (not counting the main lead nice ppl) that 'pop out' in e show. like him at the instant then..cos he's not proud at all. Look at his cute man!

this pic is not from da chang jin..but i wanna ask, is he a korean? i am asking fei hua. but he looks like a china man. btw this gal is so familiar lookin, is she the main lead of glass shoes?

Here comes the evil- 阿烈, a baddie who collaborates with Cui s, and is a helper of previous Chief Lady. She collaborates with Cui s to gain their trust, but in actual fact, she wants to help that previous chief lady to revenge on Cui s. However, 阿烈 is another chio bu. her eyes are damn big and frightening.


Next lor, 长德is the 首医女 in Jeju. She is the teacher who imparts many skills to Changjin. As stubborn as a mule, she is also witty and sarcastic sometimes. I just like her. Cant find her pics..

Ok the rest i just post some nice pic..donthave time to elaborate on them.

jiang de jiu..foster father of changjin..a crappy man who brings humour to the audience. i like his loud wife..fierce yet sharp.. i like her shoulders dance. jian bang wu~haha.

this is many's favourite heart throb..~~min zhenghao..a non-beardy one.

Lian sheng - changjin's good friend in royal kitchen. she becomes a concubine of emperor in the end. but what does she do everyday? Pray, cry and create trouble by blurting out changjin & min zhenghao are together. Its common sense that she shouldnt say that in front of emperor. I dont like her. though many say, she's cute.

hey hey, last time got handphone meh?? cool, my favourite Lady Zheng is memorising her script~

Lastly, a slouching emperor, hidden belly for ya!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lady Han's laughter is so cute!

Haha, v cold er..

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Yipee! Exams are over! But i dont really feel good inside~

I'm predicting what grades i would get for my subjs, v seriously.

Phy B-
Computing C+
Math C+
Chem B+
Cinema B-
Eff Comm B+
Lab B+

Prediction GPA 3.15 or lower

We'll see.