Monday, September 25, 2006

Be Health-conscious and Stay away from Diseases

Share with you something: My father's god sister is lying at Mount Elizabeth Hospital ward. She was still fine in April when my father last met her when he paid a visit to his god-mother. The god-mother is senile and cannot even recognise her children(She has over 10 children btw!). But there are some things which she can remember vividly, like how she had spent her childhood days at the kampong. It seems like she has lost her newer-stored memory.

Back to the topic of the god-sister, she started to have severe coughing in May and went to a doctor. Despite so, the coughs did not subside so she went for an x-ray. Then she found out that she has colon cancer. I guess its was a bit too late to discover that. And the cancerous cell spread to her brain(As related by god-sis's sister). She underwent a bain operation but it was a futile attempt. After the operation, she became a vegetable man. She has no ability to recognise anybody, has no motions except blinking of eyes. The doctor said she is considered dead, with her brain not functioning, and has no hope of recovery. My father visited her yesterday. The senile god-mother went too, but unable to recognise her daughter lying there. Neither did her daughter recognise her mother too. This is sad.

From what I heard from my father, his god-sister is a Buddhist. About 20 years ago, her husband, who was a high-ranking army officer, died in a car accident leaving behind her and her son who was ten years old then. i think it should be an accident that was work-related, that was why her son's education expenses were all covered by the army. Luckily there was compensation and insurance compensation, she got by without having to work (If her husband was alive, they should be a wealthy family). Instead she went to do volunteer work. Why is life so hard for kind-hearted ppl like her? Unfair!

My grandfather(my mother's father) lived till age 92 or 96, I forgot. He died of old age. He was healthy at his age and the only ailments were blindness and deafness. These two are unavoidable when you reach old age. The secret to stay so healthy is to avoid eating processed food, eg can food, instant noodles. He only ate rice and vegetables and meat sometimes.
So after knowing the god-sister's incident, we decide to try to eat less of instant noodles. We usually stock up many packets of maggie mee in ur cabinet cos they always come in handy when we are in rush of time. Now, I'll also try to avoid eating Mister potatao, Keropok and sweet stuff.
Health is the most impotant asset one should have.

Life sucks. We should be contented with our lives.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Yipee, its recess week! But think hard, you'll find recess is something you can't rejoice over. Why? Because, right after recess, we have the following tests:

  • Circuit Analysis test, Tuesday
  • Signals & systems test, Tuesday
  • Forensic Test, Wednesday
  • Maths Test, Thursday
  • Tech Comm test, Friday
Plus the following stuff to struggle with:
  • Tech Comm report
  • Laboratory Report
Talking about Laboratory, let me give you an insight of what 'toys' we 'meddled' with in Lab.
These machines apparently look the same, rectangular in shape and intimidating. The 1st one is called the Digital Storage Oscilloscope. It gives you the waveform of whatever current or voltage...blah, I still not very sure about its functions..haha. So many buttons, i dont know which one to adjust. Super complicated that I rate it 4 out 5 for how much I hate it.

Breadboard, this name derives from its colour and flatness, I guess. However, I hate it alot as well cos its not you can poke into anywhere you like. Wires everywhere, it is an untidy piece of bread. Hatred Rating: 3.5/5

Digital multimeter is multi-tasking. It can be used to measure the current, voltage, resistances and inductances and whatever sai. Hatred Rating is 2/5

The functional generator looks so much like the oscilloscope, just that it doesnt have the black obiang screen for us to see the waveforms. The reading below shows 4Hz or 4kHz, I dunno. You got to see check which button is on to determine it. Hatred rating 3/5

Argh!! Lab report is so er xin that I can't stand it. Time no enough, I have to faster do my report! There's no break andmy back is breaking liao!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Tech Comm Tutor is a...

Caucassion. He is from Toronto. He's old yet still acts like he's an energetic youth, ocassionally climbing chairs and doing weird poses. In case you are imagining him to be macho and manly, I tell you, he's not. At first I liked him cos he appears approachable and friendly. But wrong, if you met him outside classroom, erm maybe like on a corridor, he wont say Hi or smile at you. I thought being a hyperactive person, he would do so, so I nod at him with initiative, acknowledging him 'Hey, I see you'. But guess wad? He doesnt have much of a reaction. Fine.

After more sessions of Tech Comm with him, I realise he 只不过是浪得虚名而已. Being a part-time tutor, I must say he is a very lousy tutor. He talks crap in class, really! I think we learn nth from his lessons. So to conclude, part-time tutors are lousy. Their pay are rated hourly,but still should be quite high too. Why doesnt the sch pay a little more for a full-time tutor and we students will benefit 100 times more? What is our $6k yearly for?

Nice pic eh?