Thursday, April 27, 2006

Da Chang Jin

Presenting the cast of Da ChangJin.. i'll punctually sit in front of my tv set to watch this drama serial..its one of the best serials i've watched so far!!

In case you dont know, my fav character is not Changjin..its Lady Zheng. She's the former Top Lady before Lady Han. Sarcastic, yet funny and witty her jokes are, she puts on a stern look most of the time. Due to make-up, her face is v black in the show. i only have this pic of her, whose face is quite 'bright' haha.Btw, i think she looks better with a black face..this pic is abit scary. She's not as old as she seems to be in the show. She dies at about 30th epidsode. i was so sad when she dies in the show!

Next, i like Lady Han . She's aTop lady too. She's an introvert who does not mingle around with other NiangNiangs and does not yak yak yak all the time. With an air of elegance, she really carries herself well as aTop Lady. Forgiving, generiocity are the virtues she has. Lady Han despite coming from a commoner family backgrd faces objections from other Niangniangs when she 1st won her post. But later she wins their hearts using sincerity and trust.She looks so low-esteemed everytime. esp when she meets lady Cui (bad ppl) and she will bow v low until you cannot see her face. Sad is the best word to describe her face :( the pic below shows the real her. So chio, not old at all! Nice lady!


3rd fav character is...Changjin. changjin is the main lead..she's the ideal girl whom most guys like, innocent, harworking and pretty too. she'll become the 1st woman imperial physician, and her charm even attracts the Emperor!
i like this hand-on-her-face pose. well, i tried to imitate her by posing the turned out really ugly. Her pic, taken when in spore.. Babe, her complexion is so smooth despite being 36.

Introducing Changjin's lover, Min Zhenghao-- who is an officer in the palace too. At first i found him shuai..but after some time..ok lar.. he's Beardy. nothing much about him..----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

the baddies no 1: Lady Cui who is also my Bro's idol i guess. She's scheming, lousy in cooking and stupid (less intelligent than her niece, JinYing, i intro jinYing later). Not only these, she's also extremely careless in doing her 'jobs' as in,her plans to sabotage ppl. She is discovered putting contamination into the food by changjin's mum, who is dead before epidsode 1 (only falshbacks got her scenes) and in other cases which eventually lead to the exposure of her evil-doings..thus ending up in jail, i guess.
She looks like she is about to burst out laughing at anytime. her face belongs to those laughing mine sometimes.
however, this actress is not as wicked as how she acts in the show. She always laugh and laugh in inteviews. I think thats why my bro likes this character, special personality.

JinYing who is the niece and disciple of Lady Cui. Initially, she is a nice child at the start. But due to her lady cui's bad influence, she's turned into another baddie. It is also because, the man she loves, who is that officer Min zhenghao, loves Changjin instead. Due to jealousy, JinYing starts to harm Changjin and Lady Han. She's become more viscious than her lady Cui.. haiz. Some ppl say, she is ugly.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Lastly, show you the pic of the emperor. He eats alot in the show.

Ok that is all. i am so tired after posting so many pics.

I've one more paper to go..

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nose Run during Math Exam

I am very embarrassed today, thanks to my runny nose.

During the start of my Math Exam, I started to have lotsa fluid mucus formed in my nose. I sniffed and 'sucked' the fluid by breathing in deeply. I knew its going to be a heavy flow from the sound of the sniffing. Someone seated behind me also had a difficult nose and was sniffing away. But hers was not as bad as mine though she sniffed once every few seconds. Hers should be those watery kind, mine was thick and sticky but was a non-viscous fluid flow, means no resistance. My nose was ok before the paper started.

One hour into the exam, the fluid just came out! No amt of controlling helped. Then i wondered what i should do. i thought going to toilet to blow ALL my fluid out is the best way..Using one hand to cover my nose and the other to catch an invigilator's attention. Then a man came and walked me to the entrance.

In the toilet, i blew and blew into my beloved life-saving toilet paper, so that i wont have to waste more time visiting the washroom later on. Finally, i felt that there's no more thing inside. Yaay! I hesitated for a while if i should bring some toilet paper back, in case it ran again. but dont know why, i didnt bring put any into my pockets. Kind of regretted it later. 15min later, new fluid formed! And its as sticky and heavy! Gosh, really hate myself for not bringing toilet paper in. Even if i did, it would be not enough still. Very quickly, it forced its way out. It is v time-consuming if i were to go to the washroom every 15min.. so...

I raised my hand for the second time. Wahh, my hand was up for about 30 sec before an invigilator came. I suspected one of the invigilators, who was not v far away, pretended not to see me. Nevermind about him, i caught the attention of another invigilator, whom i think is the 1st invigilator who attended to me. He signalled me to follow him. shaking my head in a desperate way, i requested:

"Can i have some toilet paper?" (i could feel that those around me were looking at my direction, wah, really v paiseh.)

This nice guy imediately went to to get some and returned promptly with a handful of entangled papers(quite alot). Was v really grateful to him and thanked him. yay,i thought this time i really could concentrate on doing my questions. Blowing and solving math at the same time is no simple thing. Its either u concentrate on the ur blowing, or on the math, its not possible for one to concentrate on both. So, alot of time is wasted.

Good things never last long. My papers was used up within an hour. The rate at which i consumed those papers was faster than i solved my math. A lady invigilator happened to walk past and i requested for toilet paper again.. And she handed me more foolscap paper booklet??

I must speak louder in order for her to hear me.

"I need more toilet paper".. (Again, i felt many pairs of eyes around, looking at me. Really so paiseh)

This lady returned not as prompt as the 1st one. She handed me a string of toilet paper which had been thoughtfully was a neat work..haha.

I blew & blew...Solved and solved, stuck and stuck... Coulnt do many questions..and time was ticking out faster than my fluid liao. Towards the end..about half hour before my exams ended, my nose stopped running completely. Aiyo, it should have stopped earlier wad...make me so troubled over it! Angry!

Then i just scribbled.

"Time's up!" i obediently stopped writing. Unlike some felllows, still scribbing like mad. i always hope they get spotted and ticked off by invigilators.But they are always so lucky, no such things happen.


If i could turn back time, i wouldnt waste so much time raising my hand and visiting toilet. A better solution would be:
  • Use the sticky fluid to gel my fringe had been poking my eyes, its quite irritating, you see.. This way, i get to solve my hair-poking-my-eyes problem and excess fluid problem.. isnt this a great idea?
Just joking. its so gross.

I have counted, lost 55 marks, out of 100 marks. You know, i think i am going to get below C+ for FE1007 Math? Humble me just wish for a B-...

Please bless me.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Effective or not?


Eff Comm exam today. I didn't have the chance the finish a small part. Well, thanks to the 1st part on letter writing, i spent more than 1 hour on it, then anyhow wrote for the 2nd and 3rd question.

Anyway, hope i can get at least B+ for this module, though its a bit impossible cos didnt do v well for my oral presentation & group essay.

As for my cinema module, hope i can get a minimum of B-.

see how messy my table is:

Mugging period..

but i am idling on net now cos i need a break. If not, my back or neck might break.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Obstacle - The Computing Test

Just had my computing test, its is soo hard that i cant do it. Or should i say, i am too lousy to do that test? Anyway, i'll just say that it is as hard as diamond. (but i would love diamond more than the test)

Here is what we are supposed to do:

Q: Develop a program to help lecturer deal with students marks
  1. Using array, input 10 students names and marks
  2. Get the mean output (MUST USE USER-DEFINED FUNCTIONS)
  3. Convert marks to grades
  4. Calculate & output the frequencies of grades (MUST USE USER-DEFINED FUNCTIONS)
int main (void)
int mark[10], i, n;
char grade;
double mean, frequencies;

double cal_mean (int, int, int, int, int, int, int,int, int, int);
void cal_freq (char, char, char, char);

printf("input 10 students marks= \n");
scanf("%d%d%d%d%d%d%d%d%d%d", &mark[0],&mark[1],&mark[2],&mark[3],......&mark[9]);

mean = cal_mean(mark[0],mark[1],mark[2],mark[3],......mark[9]);

for (i=0, i<=9, i++)

if (mark<=90) grade = 'A'; else if (mark....) grade = 'B'; else if(mark.....) grade = 'C'; else grade ='F'; frequencies = cal_freq( 'A', 'B', 'C', 'F'); return 0; } double cal_mean (int mark[0], int mark[1], int mark[2], int, int, int, int,int, int, int mark[9]) { mean = (mark[0]+....mark[9])/10; printf("Mean is %lf\n", mean); } void cal_freq (char 'A', char'B', char'C', char'F')

frequencies = n;

printf("frquencies is %d\n", frequencies);


ok i know its rubbish work. i cant run it, i have 21 errors and 1 warning! isnt it great?
1st thing, i cant really use For Loop, i duno how to use it.
2nd:i cant do user-defined functions (thats practically the whole thing, cos must use that to calculate mean & freq)
3rd: i duno how to do frequencies cos thats the number of times each grade appeared. Chim.


I wanna mention here that few days ago, i had a dream about my dentist. i dreamt that he flirted with me. haha. Lectr said that dreams are our sub-conscion thoughts. Because we tend to oppress those desire thoughts, these thoughts will somehow 'come out'. It means that dreams are usually wad we think in the day, but we try to control that thought, so they come out as dreams.

For example if i dream i fail phy test, it is due to my daily worrying over the phy test. As i was too scared that i would fail it, i tried to stop thinking. But the FACT was that i had thought of failing it, so the 'failing of test' thought 'came out' at night when i was semi-conscious.

I like to dream, in case you dont know. Though they are not logical, they are interesting! I am indeed a girl who dare to dream. (dream of the impossible!!)


This pic was taken at my house void deck. this cat initially was not sitting down. but after knowing that i had been trying to take its pic, it actually sat down!

after taking the pic, i left. i turned my head back and saw it get up and walked away too...
it yearns for attention. Which animal doesnt?

No more post b4 exams, i shall be firm..