Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nice Pic

Here's a feast for your eyes. I like this among all the pics:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

All Tests Over!

Finally! All are done! Disastrous and I dont wish to know the grades. I can now surf the net, do some idling and meaningless activities. The 迷离夜 which is shown at 1030 looks nice. It is a damn old SBC drama serial that starred Huang Wenyong who was then a yandao. But I'm lagging so much in my studies so i think I'll refrain from watching TV.

Recently I started to regret my decision into coming into here, it is extremely tough. There are a few dean-lis+ers in this group of 30 students. And the rest of the studs are way more hardworking and smarter than I am. I try not to reveal to others that i am in this stream as I feel so ashamed of myself. With such lousy grades I still dare to choose it. It is like meeting my own dooms. And they will say :" Wa why you choose this? I heard its hard?" Always without fail, I feel more tensed after hearing that. Like constant reminders that I am so jialat. I am like in the state of being stuck in a box too tight for me, unable to get out yet cant continue to stay in there comfortably.

Hope I can hang on and wait till when the time is ripe and get out gracefully.

Friday, October 05, 2007

"In The View"

Cant stand myself, have the stench of sweat. The weather today at 3pm plus is horrendously hot. I was perspiring in my white long-sleeved shirt and the uncomfortable material was sticking to the skin on my back. Now I know how fortunate I am to be able to wear short sleeved and casual wear to sch for lec. I was late, but it was ok. The receptionist called the wrong Dr and I ended up in an office of another doc..haha, a bit funny... he was like, huh, I didn't know there was going to be an intern coming here. Anyway he gave me a namecard and I happily accepted it w/o lookin at the name on it. If I had read it, I would know its the wrong doc! Ha, nvm, soon, they received a call frm the receptionist that they had got the wrong person! Haha, when i went back to the recept, the correct doc was waiting for me there.

Tadah~ the session was like an exam. I have never heard from any of my friends that they were tested on knowledge. Gosh! I was like, erherm I just had 2 tests this week now here's another impromptu one. I have enuff of tests! Arghh!!

Anyway, I am very intimidated by the instrument there. Very chim. And I hope I do not get this job. Let the other male applicant get the job. I dont mind being the weaker one, losing the job to him.

Pray.... let him get the job! One lucky thing is that at least there is someone else who wanted this job. If I were e only one, I would probably have 99% chance of getting it. Wheeeew.

I keep farting now.. Stink.